Find the CLEVER in Teens – The Fault in Our Stars

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Teens have finally found a book THEY love!

In fact they’re devouring The Fault in our Stars in droves! The clever part is that teachers love it too!


No book on the market today is teaching teens what they want to know about empathy,friends, trust, belief, and humor – in quite the same way.

Why ignore the treasure so many are calling brilliant? Teens say it’s the only book they ever finished!  Let’s  catch this thrilling wave to begin a new discourse with our youth and young adults! Let’s showcase their brilliance and willingness to learn from this text!

No surprise. kids already flock to teachers begging them to take  up The Fault in Our Stars  in class.

And increasingly teachers admit they are already into it – or have just read it – and they speak of  literary value at the peaks. Slide1

Here are some brain based ways to capitalize on the CLEVER in our amazing teens and in John Green’s amazing bestseller – The Fault in Our Stars.

Have you read it? 

More importantly – have you talked to teens about why they are enjoying Green’s new book so much?

If not, you’ll want to read it before the highly anticipated movie rolls into theaters in June.

I’m re-reading it so that I can develop even more brain friendly tools to engage our young readers because I see endless and open conversations that interest and inspire them and the rest of us.

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