Brainpower to Focus and Fade

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Start your day with fresh coffee aromas, and serotonin  spikes a sense of well being in response.  Life’s good, right?

Focus Forward and the Brain Fades Past Problems

Suddenly though, joy fades for 75% of workers who loathe their jobs. The day surges back and forth into dangerous levels of cortisol before that last gulp of caffeine.

But what if you could sidestep disastrous surges before they strike?

Luckily,  research shows how to rewire your brain daily,  simply by refocusing to act differently.

Breathe deeply and consider natural chemicals of choice that prepare your brain to re-focus wonder.  Let’s say you’d like to find common ground with a naysayer on your team.

Yes, even when naysayers shroud your possibilities – simply focus forward to fade past problems. How do brains change?

Solve one problem peacefully and violence fades in response, for instance. Take even one small step in an opposite direction and your brain’s plasticity reorganizes itself for fresh beginnings.

Pay one bill today, and financial fears diminish as a result.

Head off focus of fear at the pass by opening a window to care where you stand.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

Focus on a new directions to fade its opposite.

1. Snip your Amygdala Before you Snipe Back

2. Breathe for Brainpower Fixes

3. Ride the Surf of Innovation

4. Stand up More to Local Leaders

5. Leave No Brain Behind

6. Focus on Change that Wins for All

7. Live Angel Parts of Brain and Devil Parts Fade?

8. Wield Brainpowered Tools to Disagree

9. Engage Voices on the Other Side?

10. Try on Tone Tips to Live Like Einstein

11. Politically Correct Democracy or Human Dignity?

12. Fade Fear Epidemics that Run Our Economy

13. Fade Tragic Traits in Mind of  Cynics

14. Don Motivation as Wings for Achievement

15. Fade Meta-messages that Lower Intelligence

16. Reflect Past Wall St. Prostitutes

17. Focus for Calm Under Pressure

18. Bypass Bullies Where You Work

19. Focus on Path from Fear to Freedom

20. Enjoy Novelty that Stokes Memory

21. Let it Go!

22. Spot how Brains on Perfect Run Late too

23. Tackle Hot Topics without Heated Shout-Outs

24. Target Tone Skills for Tough Times

25. Ask two footed question to  rejuvenate curiosity?