What’s Your Stress Free Zone?

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In a stress-free zone, your serotonin (the brain’s well-being chemical) increases learning by opening your mind to a new world of opportunities.

Have you noticed how innovative openings remain unavailable to a stressed mind?

Why let stress shrink your brain (and research shows that happens daily to people who accept anxiety).  Rather than allow stress to rain on your party, why not risk acting in the opposite direction. How so?

Display  reminders to:

1. Fix relationships by looking through another person’s view.

2. Grow confidence when misunderstood – by laughing at self.

3. Focus better by listening to music that upgrade brainwaves.

4. Monitor your inner voice to spot solutions when problems arise.

5. Lower expectations, forgive and extend kindness without grudges.

6. Convert boredom into curiosity by choosing to apply new facts.

7. Grow your creativity by developing and using new talents.

8. Chase away distrust by risking a new approach to respect all.

9. Turn failure and regret into success through whole brain talents.

10. Move from unhappy to content by adding play to learning.

Why not focus on one or two tips at a time and chart your progress to show evidence of stress-free living.

Or display 10 posters for teen or adult learner prompts to enter a stress free zone and prosper!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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