Revolutionize Your Next Meeting

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What if you could rev up innovation, by changing one boring practice at your next meeting?  See 10 top questions discussed on ASTD Video, and discover how to stoke brilliance at your next meeting.

Interested in mental keys to transform a boring meeting?

Expect transformational tips at  ASTD Video on Meetings, originally aired on October 11th and now available free.

Revolutionize Meetings

Here’s a glance at takeaway tactics you can expect.

1. What one tactic moves a meeting from boring banter into possibility planning?

2. What was going on inside Tom Hansen’s brain, when he stated that most meetings suck?

3. What hot-as-a-pistol trigger could fire  your next meeting?

4. How can an ordinary gathering uncover unlikely genius?

5. Since people retain only 5 % of what’s heard, meetings should …?

6. How will your next meeting bring out bullies or brainiacs, but not both?

7. How could your meeting fuel brain chemicals for creativity or that dose novelty?

8. How can your meetings avoid death by PowerPoints that short-circuit IQ?

9. How could your meeting ramp up the bottom line by using both sides of the brain?

10. How does a brain literally reconfigure  itself during a dull or dynamic meeting?

View ASTD’s Free Video for your Meeting Revolution – and add twitter responses for a lively exchange at #Mitameeting.  Together we’ll build neuro solutions as doable realities that benefit your entire organization.

Which one of these brain-froendly tactics will turn your next meeting from wasted time to wonderful opportunity?

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