Calling all Game Changers

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Shift your question from:

How can I win?

to ask:

How can we lead a winning game plan?

Calling all game-changers

Game-changers lead  movements that land players in a winner’s circle.  The opposite is also true.  

We’ve all seen talented players suffer when tired traditions stifle novelty, or when unfair races lock out brilliance.

Whenever work schedules get too crazy here at the Mita International Brain Center, or  if stress rises – we ask questions such as, What if? to launch game-plans for winning.

It’s often a simple shift that rock a new win. Have you seen it?

Make the game bigger than you!

Last week we altered a golf game to best ball, so that Andy, Robyn and I played together for the same win. We all shot better balls at times and all leaned on each other’s golf talents at times. Not surprisingly, our collective scorecard won record hits for the team. What fun too!

Players enjoy a game that touches their interests.  People who develop new skills or get to share abilities with others, lead sustainable wins. Does it happen where you work?

New questions replace broken game parts, when they add zip for shared wins!

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