Your Brain on Quiet

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Do you benefit from brainpower that quiet packs?

Before neuro discoveries affirmed the magic of still moments, Pablo Neruda touted the wonders of quiet introspection.

Tour Neruda’s seaside home in Valpariso, Chile, as I did, and you’ll catch a call for stillness that cultivates mutual understanding, care, and kindness among humans.

Keeping Quiet – Pablo Neruda

A robust quiet soars intrapersonal intelligence to upper air. Beyond noise you can sidestep annoyance and can love as if you’d never hurt.

See sudden stillness defy time and reach beyond any one language. Quiet harmony synapses across brainwaves connected through compelling spaces. Neruda spoke of mental opportunities that escape you in noise.

Fighting stops when you walk in another’s mocassins, just as unity grows when your personal contentment spills into understanding others.

For Neruda, silence sparks the brain into new action – beyond broken barriers of endless banter.

For Simon and Garfunkel “visions plant in brains and remain in Sounds of Silence.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

Consider how the brain uses quiet to:

  1. Laugh – yes, especially when the chips are down.
  2. Golf or move to relax and capitalize on improving your shot.
  3. Embrace a novel adventure  to rejuvenate your brain from ruts.
  4. Risk replacing one idol that holds you back – with an innovation.
  5. Encourage another brainy bloke, rather than find flaws or nitpick.
  6. Recognize and flee from toxins of bullies and cynics.
  7. Ask two-footed questions that open what if … possibilities.
  8. Act on even just one life-changing brainpowered dream.
  9. Check out the wonders and woes of change.
  10. Rewire your brain to act courageously by choosing ethics.