Mindful Curiosity from Where You Stand

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Ask  What if… questions to fire neurons that open curiosity’s eyes and cultivate wonder.

Mindful Curiosity from Where You Stand

What if you were to blaze trails typically reserved for the curious – by running with one new possibility?

The simple question What if… stokes working memory to think more like a genius that way J-Mac did when he ignored autism and landed a life-changing basketball shot.

Curiosity refuels your brain with chemical hormones to see wonders you missed yesterday.  It nudges you to touch options beyond your reach last week.

Curiosity extends your reach into ventures that engage other top minds. What if’s drive four hot new areas here at the Mita International Brain Center this week.

We’ll share more soon …

Meanwhile, how will you  challenge mindful curiosity from where you stand today?

Perhaps more importantly – When what if … opens your curiosity – what’s the next step to innovation that follows?

Curiosity Leads to Awareness

A sense of wonder is to awareness what sunshine is to daylight. How so?

Check your awareness at this linkand you will also spot your own curiosity potential.

Would you agree that strong opinions prevent that mental growth that curiosity can propel?

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11 thoughts on “Mindful Curiosity from Where You Stand

  1. Jeanne Dininni

    Interesting … Thought I’d responded to your last comment. Wrote a rather lengthy reply but must have forgotten to post it.

    I’d have to say that the next step would be acting on what I’ve discovered so far. Even small steps can propel me forward, preparing me for the next “What if?” question that will move me still further ahead. I’m actually discovering this to be true, as I take calculated risks that have the potential to create greater success in my business. Admittedly, these steps are minor ones right now, but as long as I’m moving forward, I know I’m heading in the right direction. And, we all know that success breeds success. So, I know that as I experience the positive results of working toward building the vision my “What if?” question creates — and continually refines — I will keep finding exciting new ways to make good things happen for myself and my business.

  2. Donna

    I’ve spent a year working with 4 year olds in a daycare. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t keep track of all the “What ifs” that I got from working there. That qas number two of all questions ever asked in this daycare. Number one is, of course, “Why”

  3. eweber Post author

    Thanks Jeanne. What do you see as the next step beyond the “what if” question – to keep that curiosity fuel topped-up until it gets a person beyond the ruts we all face? What do you think?

  4. eweber Post author

    Dr. Ada, I agree with you that a discussion that seems to be going nowhere opens to incredibly possibilities once WHAT IF … is asked.

    Loved your notion of, “Maybe it taps into the curiosity of the child in us.”
    Just as it frees us to dream big, and jump over all the “yes buts. . .” as you suggested – we can gear up mentally for reaching higher goals – with one simple question.

    What could we ask to sparks new directions for broken organizations – as you see it?

  5. Jeanne Dininni

    I’ve been asking “What if?” as a way of finding answers in areas where my professional progress seems to be stalling or even at a total standstill — and it’s yielding results! I’m learning that areas where I have gone around and around in circles, with no apparent solution, can so benefit from the creative surge this question stirs. And the possibilities that arise as a result are so satisfying, invigorating, motivating, and inspiring — encouraging more of the same!

  6. Dr. Ada

    What if. . . definitely opens the mind to possibilities. Many times I use this when coaching leaders or working with executive teams. Amazing how often a discussion that seemed to be going nowhere opens to incredibly possibilities once that question is asked.

    Maybe it taps into the curiosity of the child in us. I know it frees me to dream big, because it jumps over and ignores all the “yes but. . .” excuses we ten to fabricate.

    Thanks for the reminder. Gives me a creative push for today! 🙂

  7. Jean Oram

    Good question? Hmmmm. I suppose many are family and career related. Not as inspiring as “What if dinosaurs still existed?” EEP! On that one!

  8. eweber Post author

    Love your notion of seeing through children’s eyes where “the world is so different and question inducing.”

    Little Hendrik teaches me that on every occasion and I hope to help keep his curiosity alive as he grows:-) We can do that for all those around us – by inspiring others with what if questions for mutual benefit.

    Life is good with CURIOSITY as sentient:-) Any particular what if — questions you are chasing at the moment?

  9. Jean Oram

    Seeing the world through children’s eyes is such a delight. The world is so different and question inducing. How wonderful that you get to speak to your grandson so often!

  10. eweber Post author

    Jean, you said it so well! My favorite time of the week is when my 1 and 1/2 year-old grandson skypes me over lunch. He comes full of curious incentives, and leaves my day full of laughter and wondrous magic – that only a toddler’s curiosity inspires. My little grandson reminds me that in love is also found an enduring curiosity. Thanks for a new curiosity spark into my day:-)

  11. Jean Oram

    I loooove ‘what if’ questions. As a kid ‘why?’ was a top question in my mind. Now, as a fiction writer, it is ‘what if?’ For me, that’s a great way to get the curiosity engaged. As is hanging out with kids. 😉

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