15 Million Jobs for Innovation Era

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Some say with relief that the old economy’s gone. Other’s say that new markets may never emerge. I say that leaders can invigorate wealth and open opportunities in at least 10 amazing areas. What do you say?

15 Million Jobs for Innovative Era

What’s preventing 15 million US citizens from work?

That answer’s simple – current leaders hold back prosperity when they ignore innovative IQ.

The result?


Watch hope diminish after Standard & Poor’s lowered credit rating of AA+. See stocks plummet weekly.  Listen to news of wars that rage senselessly in response to an entire nation wired for war and violence.

Good news? This nation craves a rejuvenated and robust leadership. Individuals and organizations long for leaders who outsmart fiscal disasters. Leaders who risk to reconfigure broken health care systems, and challenge bankers to loosen public purse strings before we choke.

Growth opportunities?

Brainpowered tools below ignite curiosity and spark innovative IQ to:

1). Develop new talents. Drop mentoring for mindguiding practices that both teach and learn from others. With similarities no longer promoted, multiple intelligences spring into action.


2). Engage whole brain assets. Capitalize on both left and right brainpower, when you risk solutions that bring together offerings from both arts and sciences.


3). Integrate alliances. Pose 2-footed questions across isolated silos in ways that cross-pollinated curious teams and motivate solutions together.


4). Drop best practices in favor of play – along with humor – added daily to improve one routine practice.


5). Demonstrate ethics in action through what if … questions that build integrity and ratchet up your bottom line?


6). Transform meetings into interactive roundtables where you listen with your brain, and stoke opposites to ignite innovative ROI.


7. Foster workplace wellness where venting toxins turn into tone that celebrates goodwill across differences.


8). Cultivate caring communities where challenges and heated competition trigger trust and curiosity to build prototypes across disagreements.


9). Toss performance reviews and shift focus from workplace weaknesses to intelligence-fair appraisals


10). Blend hard and soft skills into smart skills that double as brainpowered tools.  Rewire your brain to win far more – based on skills from its  fertile areas.



The process of learning such brainpowered skills can be brutal for adults since learning requires massive rewiring of vast cortical connections. Yes – it’s far more difficult than simply learning new leader approaches – because the new skills are in plastic competition with neural networks that developed deep leader ruts to get us into current quagmires financially and emotionally.

Opposites ignite growth

Successful assimilation requires deliberate and serious actions across opposite directions – for a very different kind of leadership to emerge. Neuro discoveries hold keys to make it happen. The problem’s less about what’s happening to us, and more about how we lead solutions in response.

When  gridlock and compromise become leading actions, wealth and new opportunities follow.

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