Four Questions toward a Kinder, Gentler Leadership

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Have you noticed how some people focus on what’s broke, and often miss the solutions?

In 30 years of international renewal work here at Mita, we’ve  learned to ask four questions that facilitate solutions clients crave.  Worth asking two-footed  questions at your workplace?

1. How do you affirm and support quality leading and learning approaches? While we hear a great deal from leaders such as Diane Ravitch and Dana Goldstein about what’s not working well, it’s harder to locate advocates who support genuine approaches for higher achievement and motivation.

2. What do you do differently when your leadership encounters problems, and how so? To vent merely creates and stores more vent-like responses in your amygdala, ready for the next challenge you face. On the flip side of venting lie  solutions, which could lead to changes you espouse. It’s also why Mita leadership approaches seek to collaborate workplace resolutions. You?

3. What resources do you toss at programs that need financial support to continue their work? Sadly, some appear to pay closer attention to  colossal failures such as government-propped-up-greedy banks, than to supporting noble initiatives with finer ROI. What about shifting resources to support ventures that show less greed and more promise?

4. What peace plan would you recommend to ensure civil diplomacy across differences? Sadly, we’ve collectively wired this nation for violence. Leaders give and have come to expect abusive and cynical responses whenever disagreements arise. What would you do differently to build tone at work, even with those who disagree?

Perhaps it rests on whether you see yourself as benevolent dictator or brainpowered facilitator.

What question could you ask to redirect your workplace toward solutions for a new kind of leadership – one better suited to the innovation era?

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