Creativity – Risk or Regret?

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If you agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity gets clobbered at school, you’ll likely also agree it takes risk to create and lead a finer future.

It also takes a very different kind of support and intelligence-fair performance reviews for facultyas well as tests for students, as stated here at Forbes.

If you prepare to take risks you also prepare to create, in spite of structures that shun risks or assessments that demand so-called-correct answers only.

If you’re not prepared to move past regrets though, you cannot create a better way. Why so? On the flip side of regret and blame, lies creativity and innovation.

Sadly, our culture has stripped our minds of the creativity we are born to grow and enjoy. We’ve hardwired as a culture of cynicism – and cynicism blocks or kills creative solutions.

It’s time to rethink – what does creativity have you do with human brainpower? Research shows people are most creative when they feel they are making meaningful progress.

If you – or others – stepped on your creative talents, how can you retrieve them today?

Care for a brainpowered tool to grow creativity?

1. Do something today that you’d like others to see in you tomorrow.

2. Listen to the opposite of your idea and use what you learned from it.

3. Hold a crown over heads and support people to grow into them.

What comes to mind when you hear the word creativity –  risk or regret?

Great innovators are almost always great connectors.  They pull possibilities from differences, and race past conflicts or naysaying for the sake of incredible success on the other side.

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3 thoughts on “Creativity – Risk or Regret?

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  2. eweber Post author

    Oh Fred, you are hitting the head of the nail here. It’s so easy to jump in and drown another person’s ideas if they differ from ours!

    To do so is to toss cortisol into the creative circle so that often change gets slaughtered, and monotony is sactioned! Diversity adds to creativity, and whenever we naysay – we strike out the risks and possibilities that lead to creative inventions for a finer way.

    Some hold that we have rewired a nation for naysaying – and for that one perfect way only (which often happens to be our own way!) Yikes! I am with you — let’s bit the tongue and run from the no demands we meet daily!

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