Brainpowered Side to Victim

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It’s easy to feel used, taken for granted, or overwhelmed whenever a few nab most of the spoil, and race to the top. The media’s focus on Wall ST greed may make you feel victim, or it could be colleague at work who advanced unfairly at your expense.

Brainpower Side to Victim

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself angry, sad, or resentful over being duped, you may have sidestepped a crown that was yours all the time.  Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can awaken brainpowered possibilities, whenever victimhood knocks. How so?

The opposite of victim is leadership by influence, and it can be yours through an action.  Believe it or not – what you do in a day triggers your talents to lead forward or leave you in the dust.

The next time you find yourself in that done-in place, ask a question to discover:

What one action would  highlight an innovative leadership trait you’d like other victims to see in you?

Then, simply act out that one thing.

See how this approach leapfrogs you to the other side of self-pity into compelling new leadership horizons.  It’s how human brains wire to work best. Live one opposite of a letdown today, and your brain rewires its plasticity to rejuvenate your lead- by-influence opportunities tomorrow.

Your unique mix of intelligences go a long way to transform that sense of being used, into opportunities that reboot personal brainpower to lead others past stubborn challenges.

Problems offer  new neuron pathways toward opportunities, when you simply act on their opposite sides and allow plasticity to remap your brain for  success. Ready to step away from casualty for another shot at victory?

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