5 Keys into New World Order for Work

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Imagine the windfall if today unlocked a brilliant segue into a global life-changing career shift. Look again – it’s almost here!

Can you  see yourself  leading employment opportunities, in a new world order? One where jobs move from tired traditions, into dynamic workplaces with secret gardens and mind-bending adventures for every enterprising worker who enters. What would it take?

Keys to New World Work Order

Here are 5 keys to open segues from our current jobless crisis — to incredible careers that will shape the future:

1. Disbelieve the numbers in the news.  Optimists tell of job increases up 431,000 jobs in April, while Dale McFeatters warns that 411,000 of these were temporary census workers, to end shortly. Do you see the coming new order, where a broken system gets buried? If so, ask yourself what an economic guru would see in this situation, and you’ll jump faster at new opportunities to transform shocking jobless stats into sustainable employment arenas – that seek innovative workers.

2. Spot the disconnect between big business gone bust – and problem solving skills needed to mentally reinvent a leader’s approach to workplace solutions.  Become that leader, and collaborate with other top innovators. Break already broken rules – with courage and integrity for a better innovative way – as Gandhi modeled and lived so well.  Problems that hold most people back in broken, rule regulated systems, provide new opportunities, one brain cell at a time, for those who see a career arena beyond past  limitations. Regardless of what happened or failed to happen up until now, the new day is here, where big business controls fewer and fewer resources and influences needed to move high-performance-minds forward.  Ready to help lead the way?  If so, prepare to embrace innovative changes for a new kind of job fare, and then jump on-board toward a finer world for all.

3. Accept realities that other people and past places will likely not help to open revolutionary employment  doors for you. Banks are in it for self, and tenured workers, in traditional settings,  view your innovative suggestions as direct threats to their personal sense of security.  It’s not their fault really.  Remember we were all told that lifelong jobs come with education and faithfulness at work. In delightful contrast though, intelligent revolutionaries, question to rewire daily for updated mental tools, and so can you. To act like a genius is to lower speed bumps along life’s coolest highways through openings that leapfrog you into innovative workplace solutions. Join others who risk similar success prospects, and help to shape our renewed and inclusive economic reality.

4. Tackle the challenge of unfair advantage head on – with the same robust ethics you’d like to see steeped in your grandchildren’s world.  No question –   it’s true that the brain defaults to ruts. Good news is that we get to choose brain parts daily for or against a winning new system.  How will you choose today? Either way that chosen response is stored in your amygdala, and will become your future response forward.  Regardless of age, position, background, or education, most people find more success by replacing common misconceptions about workplace security –  with foresight for an honest new start. You? If you choose to tackle challenges for a New Order, it may mean saving money wherever you can, so that you can invest in areas most likely to grow with more integrity in the new world order.

5. Race forward with other mind-bending risk-takers you trust,  much like skiers wend and glide together along the finest mountain slopes. You’ll most enjoy this wonderful and wild mental ride, when aware that at the heart of workplace achievement is courage and mental skill to both lead and run a winning race. One that benefits people ahead of you –  and at the same time – lays secure, well fitted tracks –  for those who come behind.

Start small, (notice I didn’t say slow) with one or two improvement opportunities in mind. Move  altered priorities into position, to break with traditions.  The key is to distance yourself from  past work orders, in order to trigger brainpower and  embrace innovative change for a sustainable future.

Face challenges or fight limitations where you work now? More critically, do you see a segue into a new world order, one where jobs match talents and people provide the highest capital? If so, why not use these keys to unlock the coming windfall into a life-changing career shift – where sustainable jobs will abound.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

3 thoughts on “5 Keys into New World Order for Work

  1. eweber Post author

    Mike, Bravo — you are so faithful to building these discussions on several scales. It surprises me how often I see it restated how bad things really are — when there is soooo much brainpower to turn the tables. 🙂

    For instance, we need to find far more positive ways to support people with great ideas and work ethics — rather than pour endless dollars into broken systems and tenured positions that have given up yet stay for salaries. It works against the brain in so many ways to buy into the old system.

    Thanks Mike for speaking out and helping to shape the NEW. It takes determination, collaboration and often a great deal of personal sacrifice to help improve much of anything:-).

  2. michael cardus

    ellen changing the interpretation of work takes (as you said) small decisions. Making these small decisions will develop into a large outcome.
    Your keys are great I especially liked Accept Realities.

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