Big Idea Questions to Harness Organizational Innovation

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While innovative sparks fly in most organizations –  few sizzling flares ignite novel inventions or propel an industry to the top. Have you considered how innovation could become the front-runner to jumpstart your organization’s brainpower?

Big Idea

Questions to Drive


Brainpower in any



1). Staff Development Questions:

  • What will the innovative program look like and how will it work for each?
  • When does professional development start, when does it end and how is it assessed?

2). Innovative Culture Questions:

  • How will you create a culture that pools diverse talents and builds together?
  • When and how does innovative development engage its wider community?

3). Integration  Questions:

  • When should innovative development integrate talents across teams?
  • Who will ensure ongoing diversity that inspirits growth?

4). Ongoing Development Questions:

  • What development components follow an innovative launch?
  • Who facilitates ongoing development and how is it engaged?

5). Barriers and Challenges Questions:

  • What barriers prevent mind-bending innovation in your organization?
  • How will ongoing innovative solutions remain sustainable?

6). Accountability Questions:

  • Who will account for continuing innovative growth?
  • When and how is innovation shared beyond your organization?

How will your next innovation come,  and what big picture questions will you ask to harness organizational talent?

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