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Government Support for Innovation?

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The government supports social innovation through grants that could count if it reaches your community or innovative project. It will take strong support to move this nation’s overwhelmingly broken systems – that default daily into ruts and routines toward solutions for a finer future. Have you felt supported in innovative… Read more »

Join Discussion to Jumpstart Brainpower at Meetings!

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What could your next meeting do differently to jump-start more brainpower and make a difference? People constantly complain that meetings suck where they work, and surprisingly few feel they can transform these fiascoes. Join dynamic Free Webinar on Tuesday 8:00 PM – EST at this link and make a difference… Read more »

Big Idea Questions to Harness Organizational Innovation

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While innovative sparks fly in most organizations –  few sizzling flares ignite novel inventions or propel an industry to the top. Have you considered how innovation could become the front-runner to jumpstart your organization’s brainpower? Big Idea Questions to Drive Innovative Brainpower in any Organization:   1). Staff Development Questions:… Read more »

Is Your Right Brain Under-Developed?

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In his book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, best selling author, Tony Schwartz reminds us that the right hemisphere of our brains tend to be under-developed. Can you identify?

Jill Bolte Taylor’s mind-bending experience shows strong left brain dominance until after suffering a near death stroke.

Organizational Brainpower for Innovation

What if you took one risk to lead a change that would improve a core practice where you work? Could that move set innovation in motion across an entire organization? On Saturday at an RIT annual event, I spotted 5 questions about innovation that could transform indifference and lead organizational… Read more »