Brain Drain or Brain Gains?

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How would you describe realistic expectations for the coming week, based on last week’s capability to get more out of life? Let’s say life knocked you down. Perhaps you hit back in not-so-useful ways. How do you set your brain to win or lose after you blew it?

Luckily, brainpower is shaped less because of mistakes made over the past few days, whenever you take actions to succeed in the moment. Why so? Because human brains come equipped to rewire and reboot based on your daily actions.

Set your brainpower on a course for gain in tough times, by taking one concrete step or two today toward an ambition that motivates success.

Neuro-discoveries set your brain dials onto Gain and away from Drain, when you rewire to:

Speak solutions – however small – to problems that strike you down. Refuse to blame or vent because both stockpile responses in your amygdala.  Responses that  reshape daily ups or spiral you further down – all through deliberate  choices.

Stretch time daily for more gains and less gain.  Not possible, you say, because too much is pressing?  Remember Thomas Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, and Mother Teresa – all had the same 24 hours that you have daily.

Brain Based approaches to time management are included below in Lolly Daskal’s amazing new series:


Store winning solutions in your amygdala at Lolly’s time management series and you’re another step closer to achieve success today! At least stop any mental leaks.

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