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Hello friends and colleagues!

Please join me over at wonderfully motivating community led by Huffington Post writer, Gail Goodwin, on Monday, January 18th, 2010 at!

On Monday, the 18th I’ll share invited insights from my experiences in an exclusive 500-word article – Act Like a Genius – on the best things learned in life full of beneficial nuggets for you! Gail hosted an audio interview on brain insights at the same site which shows how to get more brainpower up and running strong.¬† Would love to hear your nuggets too!

While  visiting, Gail Goodwin invites you to sign up free daily inspiration email and free 44 page eBook Secrets to Soaring. These motivational gifts are there to inspire and encourage you on your 2010 journey.

On behalf of the family, thanks for joining me on Monday, Jan. 18th. Greatly appreciate you!

Stay blessed in the New Year,


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2 thoughts on “Inspire Me Today Invitation

  1. Ellen Weber

    Thanks for your kind words Robyn. It’s interesting how life boils down to a deep call — when you have only 500 words to play with. Yet it seems sad when people carry around unwrapped potential, in amazing intelligence could be used to build a finer world. We build unfair systems to measure intelligence inaccurately and the brightest people often come up short when that happens. Hopefully this 2-bits will spark a new debate!

  2. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, I find Gail Goodwin’s interview, the best one that has been done so far. She didn’t let you off the hook but kept probing. This is fascinating and I highly recommend it to your readers.

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