Why Brain Renewal is Not for You

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Over 30 years  in brain based renewal,  showed me several reasons why renewal cannot win in certain workplace conditions. I’ll admit that naivety in  younger years, prompted me to believe deteriorated settings could turn around in spite of barriers. Over time though, I observed some settings that simply cannot perk up  because organizational toxins contaminate their talents for innovation. It’s a brainpower thing. Transformation is not possible, if you consider dangerous directions of certain anti-innovative neuron pathways at toxic settings. How so?

Power struggles, like Rochester’s current mayoral demands to rule education, preclude urgently needed change. Fighting egos add cortisol, increase poor tone, and mentally divert brainpower away from progressive pathfinding.  While secondary schools fight for control, like Rochester NY currently  fights for mayoral power, brain renewal cannot improve learning. Why not? Learning transformation, with the brain in mind, is more about facilitating rewired minds – where adults and teens collaborate  mental benefits for all. Brain based workplaces reconfigure to favor facilitation of multiple intelligences in all, rather than demand more power for one man.

Fear of failure opens the door for bullies and cynics to lock out innovation and tromp all over  renewal initiatives. It takes courage and curiosity in action – to open spigots of dopamine that fuels adjustments at work.   High octane fuel for brain based risks.  In contrast,  fear forces brainpower into decline, like it did to the head of a university department who recently wrote  about an onset of sinking numbers on campus, and dwindling morale among staff. I want to introduce brain based strategies, and a new innovative program, he said, but added, I cannot do so for another year. When I asked why, he shot back,  because we’re up for accreditation this year! You could hear fear echo through anxiety in his words. No wonder his leadership provoked failure, and forfeited freedom. That’s fear’s mental role, and he played it well.

Imagine the level of worry that prevents genuine renewal, and dwindles an organization down to merely meet bureaucratic certification demands.  Is there nothing more to modify, create or extend for the high performance minds at work? Brow beaten leaders  complain about nosediving dividends, as fear shifts their focus away from an urgent need for systemic change. We’ll likely get more calls from similar leaders, whenever some new speedbump detracts their focus away from transforming visions and detracts from life-changing destinies they once held for renewal. Have you seen it?

What holds your organization back from leading innovation with the brain in mind, for a post-recession era? Perhaps a better question is:  What mentally charged traits have you seen work best for innovation and against workplace toxins?

Where does a workplace begin to renew? Why not try on a few brain based solutions that diminish toxins and promote innovation.

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One thought on “Why Brain Renewal is Not for You

  1. MoneyEnergy

    There is sufficient neuroplasticity in brains that an individual can affect her own neural pathways under guided meditation… but I guess you’re saying the metaphor doesn’t apply to organizations?

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