Innovative Marks of a Curious Brain

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The other day Gail Goodwin and I tossed around brain insights here on WebTalk Radio and Gail’s curiosity inspired innovative insights from every angle. Current brain applications  flew back and forth as Gail’s unique brand of curiosity unfolded brainpower like magic spawns a sense of wonder.

It’s not surprising that Gail’s known as an Ambassador of Inspiration in that she facilitates new ideas by skillfully prying beneath everyday assumptions to unleash the stuff of innovation.

She inspired me to reflect on innovative marks of the kind of curious brain she cultivates and lives:

  • Curiosity that leads to innovation differs from IQ, in that it’s  stirred by gifted facilitators and sparks serotonin chemicals for creativity.
  • Curiosity is more evident in Gail’s kind of genius persistence that overrides ruts and optimizes opportunities for innovative solutions.
  • Curiosity engages more of the brain’s plasticity because those who change and create based on new insights,  rewire faster for renewal.
  • Curiosity draws from a wider sense of intelligences to engage dynamic and diverse pathways toward innovative adventures.
  • Curious leaders prefer and prosper from a position of guide to the side, rather than grasp the standard sage on the stage.
  • Curiosity is the antithesis of cynicism and the handmaiden of innovative  neuron pathways that shape a brilliant brain.
  • Curiosity runs from lectures that deliver facts from a speaker’s mind without touching the innovative listener’s mind.
  • Curiosity seeks  patterns that show how frogs develop from eggs to tadpoles, to create solutions for life’s changing faces in other areas.
  • Curiosity reflects frequently to take innovative risks, grow multiple intelligences, and avoid stagnation at every turn.

When was the last time you asked somebody, “What’s most exciting about your work? Are you curious about what separates innovators from those who simply play it safe? Thoughts?

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