8 Intelligent Gifts at Christmas

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It’s Christmas — a time for giving! It’s also recession – a time for surviving!

Few would deny that when people give freely from the heart, everybody wins. And yet the very thought of Christmas  this year touches people’s hearts in a new way.  Because of lost jobs or growing  debts, even the most generous givers feel unable to offer  gifts to show that they care.

Leaders tell their employees they cannot value personal efforts with gifts, and people tell families to expect far less. Have you seen it too?

Here at the MITA International Brain Center we suggest  giving from the brain in ways that reflect heartfelt intelligences. Gifts need not cost money when giving draws from personal resources, banked within your brain. How so?

Gifts flow from each intelligence so that those strong in:

Verbal intelligence may inspire and send a note of cheer or thanks to a person often passed over.

Musical intelligence may help you organize a Carol sing-along for shut-ins.

Mathematical intelligence may suggest and help to build a budget for a struggling client, or organize a get together for employees to ring in the season.

Spatial intelligence may create a brilliant Christmas or holiday card – based on another’s most successful 2110 design idea – giving credit of coarse.

Kinesthetic intelligence may help to build a train station or doll’s house  with needy kids to donate to a children’s hospital.

Interpersonal intelligence may match up  mentors  with teens for a look at the best career options for the coming year.

Intrapersonal intelligence may offer a poem or personal reflection to inspire holiday memories to help  folks through tough times.

Naturalistic intelligence may take another family on an adventure to secure a tree and then replant another tree as a sustainable opportunity.

How will you explore possibilities for meaningful gifts, within multiple intelligences, in spite of the current recession?

Blessings to all!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

One thought on “8 Intelligent Gifts at Christmas

  1. Patricia Cavanaugh

    Wish I had seen this list before Christmas…although thankfully I did a few..sent hand made cards, played board games with family stretching all of our individual spacial and intellectual limits. Helped my son wrap is Christmas presents. Caroling at the BART station to surprised commuters…
    Happy New Year

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