Blokes and Babes Where You Work

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Heaven or Havoc?


Which of these characters work with or in you?

Serotonin Sam:

“Feelin’ good – hey guys you’re welcome to share, anytime.” ... Cortisol Carol

“Touch my stuff and you die!”

Observing from the treadmill

Plasticity Patty:

“Glad to know I can still nail this new knack at any age.”

was just thinking what ... Amygdala Arnie:

“They keep changing the freakin’ formulas so I it keeps blowing up!”


Microsoft Clip Art & Media ...

Working memory Warren:

“Ok, it takes a whole new expertise here, but I can figure it out.”


 ... .../clipart/as0072.gif Basal Ganglia Bessie:

“I know how it works and I don’t need change.”

Garage Sale clip art Neuron Nan:

“This is all I plan to do daily in this organization and that’s that.”

Need A Computer? This Is The ...

Dopamine Dan:

“Sorry guys, I’d love to help you get the job done – but this stuff addicts me.”

Right Brain Rita:

“I integrate my intelligences, mix in a few and voila – I create wonder.”

See Copyright Information Left Brain Louis:

“As long as I can measure it, organize it, and count it, I can do it.”


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8 thoughts on “Blokes and Babes Where You Work

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  2. eweber Post author

    You are an amazing risk taker and have often inspired us with your own unique intelligences, Brad! An interesting point Brad, and many have done just as you described here – in part due to toxic workplaces they could no longer abide. Others stayed – let ethics go, and simply moved forward without care for the community in mind. Thus today – we have many broken system in corporate America!

    On the question of approach: Rather than work with personalities as you have done so well — MITA works more with multiple intelligences, and shows how each of us have at least 8, and that these each grow and develop with use daily.

    In addition, the brain facts we use to move forward include those that deal with both rationality as well as emotion and the integration of each.

    Sadly, bullying, for instance, took root in the broken systems we built and many people and much brilliance was left behind.

    The best leaders out there see how the human brain integrates emotion and rationality – into creativity that leads. That is what we are after at MITA – and it works very differently from the corporate American model:-) What do you see as a top trait for successful business and leadership circles?

  3. Brad Shorr

    Hi Ellen, I left the corporate world in 2005 & work for myself now … I guess you can draw your own conclusions about how I handle stuff at work that’s not fun. 🙂 Seriously, I have tried really hard to learn patience over the year. One thing that helped me a lot in corporate was using Myers Briggs tests for work groups. When we gained insight into other team members’ personalities, when we could understand where they were coming from, a lot of walls came tumbling down. The problem is, we tend to assume others see the world the same way we do, so we get annoyed when they don’t behave the way we would. Does personality make sense to you as a method of handling personality clash issues?

  4. eweber Post author

    Eva, I still laugh each time I look at these and think of folks (or me) that fits each at times! Yikes! Otherwise – the comedy gets the points with me too:-) Would you agree that in seeing it — we can often do more to avoid or fix it:-)?

  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Brad. There are so many brain parts in action at work, and toxic settings come because we often fail to see or counter what’s going on:-).

    You’d be fun to work with — but I’m curious about how you handle the stuff at work that’s much less fun – even harmful? Thoughts?

  6. Brad Shorr

    Ellen, These characters are all too familiar! I’d hate to see what would happen if you put them all in a meeting at the same time. How much do you think would be accomplished?

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