Choose Brain Parts to Sink or Swim

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On each new day your brain offers equipment to lose or win. The choice is yours, and brain activity can now be observed to show how winning or losing selections work, in spite of external conditions.

So why do some people pick winning equipment while others settle for the loser’s pick where the chips go down?

Here are opposites that quickly come to mind, yet are in no way an exhaustive list for  what separates winning and losing brainpower pools.

Basal ganglia choices bring ruts and routines, while working memory offers innovative wonders, that can lead the pack. Which power tool will you take?

Venting tends to shut off spigots to finances yet the brain is also hardwired for winning mental counterpart that helps you to risks for financial growth.

Serotonin’s drug of choice awaits your use to replace the crankiness that comes from cortisol that adds loss to your day.

Cynicism works against innovative improvements as it bottlenecks the brain and tosses toxins onto people’s creative pathways to a better way.

Hope that arises from using and developing multiple intelligences cannot be accessed while fear brain parts win your choice.

Calm reactions to difficult situations, stored by snipping your amygdala before it snipes back under pressure, also lead to resolutions that help win, even around those who disagree. It’s simply how you brain parts either promote or stomp out wins.

Critics may hurl naysayer’s brain parts that tear down innovation, yet tone offers valued choices for collaboratively building back wins. It’s a choice the first few times, in spite of habitual responses that store in amygdala and then pop into reactions, with seemingly less choice over time. Criticism, that comes from poor tone, calls for another choice,  to renew with the brain in mind. Not that your winning choice changes the critic – it simply upgrades personal profitability.

Few would disagree on the logical choice to swim when the only other option is to sink. Cooler still are neuro discoveries that show how each winning action rewires the brain’s plasticity for more of the same. Why then, do some continue to choose to select sink equipment and rewire for more loss? You?

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7 thoughts on “Choose Brain Parts to Sink or Swim

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  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments Todd. Yes, I agree and it’s very applicable to the kind of problem solving you illustrate so well as a skill over at .

    In fact each time we take up one of the brain parts to win, we literally rewire the brain for more of the same. No wonder life grows so full of hope and wonder at those interjections. It’s really less about what happens to a person, and often more about what mental resources brought to bear on resolving issues and moving forward. Your own posts say it all! Thanks for stopping by Todd!

  6. Todd I. Stark

    I really admire the idea of thinking of the brain in terms of the resources it provides us and the skills for switching between them as needed. And then researching each of the ideas in more depth. There’s so much richness in that way of thinking and so far it could eventually be taken. It’s like early pragmatism updated for cognitive neuroscience. Very cool bridge between practical philosophy, science, education, and solving real problems.

    Thanks for this!

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