Reinvigorate Brain for Learning Dividends

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Imagine reinvigorated secondary schools or universities, designed with each learner’s brain in mind. It’s time for the death of education to become the dawn of learning. Time for learning renewal to reinvent your entire community! If you see past broken systems, or catch a glimpse of talented people ahead, you’ve already spotted the brain’s plasticity for life-changing dividends.

Ask the lecturer in this video and he will say he engages listeners.  He might even go on to suggest today’s audiences expect too much and give too little. Ask listeners and they may support these 100 reasons to run hard from lectures!

Have you considered lately how …

People of all ages and backgrounds grow eager to participate when:

1. Learners and leaders look to a bright future within lessons that tap fluid brainpower and link to current challenges. In that setting participants step beyond the brain’s default for ruts.

2. Two-footed questions, open pathways to curiosity and attract more high performance minds into the brainpower and learning mix. Have you heard however, that lectures work against the human brain?

3. Brainpowered facts hook into learners’ experiences and transform disagreements into serotonin fueled opportunities. Can you foresee a brighter future with no brain left behind?

Leaders tend to fund childhood programs first – suggesting that renewal’s best served with younger children. Let’s equip adults and teens with brainpower tools to rev mental engines that reinvigorate caring learning communities. Mind-bending benefits will follow! What do you think?

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