Frontier Brains to be Different

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Check out this video of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke at 37 and studied her own brain as the stroke took place. Over the years it took to recover, Jill also learned how courage comes from deep inner peace triggered in the right brain.

Furthermore we know that courage is triggered more with each use, and it fosters differences. Have you seen it happen? 

No question, we’ve seen fewer cases of courage these days in our communities, yet when Frontier Communications announced in today’s Democrat and Chronicle that it still offered high-speed Interact service for one guaranteed low price, I spotted courage that takes brainpower.

Like other firms in my area Frontier’s been hit with demands for balancing productivity in a poor economy. Nevertheless, in spite of Internet services in the Rochester area that threaten to hit frequent users with higher fees,  Frontier found courage to avoid similar strikes at our wallets.

Where do you see Frontier’s display of brainpower that dares to be different in these difficult times?

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