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At a university debate on the brain’s role in education, the dean asked: Why bring the brain into learning, when higher education already has traditions and a proven history? How would you have responded?

Looking back, I likely should have told about my own dream that leaders and learners can  prosper more by tapping into extravagant tools within their own brains. Instead I gave a few examples of how a campus that clings to lifeless learning, will likely also encounter low enrollments as faculty morale goes south along with its runaway students. Since that time, I’ve hitched my wagon to another star and the brain based dream lives on.

Where will your dream lead you and others?

Most agree that dreams rarely materialize without transformation on the dreamer’s part though. Yes, right alongside resistance that tends to shut down change. Have you seen it happen?

In spite of compelling evidence between brain facts and learning or leading practices, for instance, it still takes risk to tackle even the most tired traditions. Toss in the fact that most brains default to ruts. Then when a lifetime dream topples seeming security, and when the time is right you cross the stream Abba sings – all because you have a dream.

In my case, I reached for neuroscience to lead new neuron pathways forward, and what a journey it soon became. One day riding the bus, the next day pushing it. You?

I used to think people would welcome change that improved their own situation, and that inspired growth and wonder in others. Not so.  In reality, leaders like the dean, express fear that they’ll lose basic benefits if they apply current brain research to reconfigure recognized routines.

The opposite is actually true. Yet improvement usually starts with a dream for more. Or at least it launched that way for me, when I became of student of the brain about 30 years ago. Was that improved pathway the same dream Abba sang for in this YouTube video? Not sure, but a policeman in Toronto sang this same song at a university banquet after I facilitated leaders there in brain based practices, and it replays reality for me since. Do the lyrics speak to your own dream, as they did to mine?

If so, I’m still curious. What’s your dream and how could it change your world?

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7 thoughts on “A Brain Based Dream

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks Wally – and I’d love to hear more on your final statement here – can you elaborate a bit more. If a debate the two opposing views would be…? Not sure I see it — but sense it’s there..:-)

  2. Wally Bock

    Great post, Ellen. I think it’s significant that the university dean concentrated the discussion on traditions and history instead of on proven methods and effectiveness. Seems like a good debating tactic, if not sound strategy.

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  4. eweber Post author

    What a dynamic line, Judith! “I’VE CHANGED MY BRAIN TO EMBRACE MY FUTURE.” Thanks for sharing it. The human brain is wired for just such amazing adventure and you have inspired more of its melodies in our lyrics today! Thanks and do stop back to let us know the wonders that unfold in your new trajectory!

  5. Judith

    Dr. Weber, I simply enjoy reading your blog! What a wonderful post.

    My dream is coming true as I write. I have found a way to connect with the world, make a living and care for my family. I feel so fulfilled! It has taken many years to get here, but I have changed my brain to embrace my future.

    Thank you so much for what you do. This song made me cry today.

    Judiths last blog post..Five Things To Do When Your Life Hits a Brick Wall

  6. eweber Post author

    Robyn, you tend to carry that dream to so many places and people globally and you splash it here too! Thanks – and thanks for the link to this YouTube – it brought back so many good memories to build on for another week!

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