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It’s no surprise that intelligences grow with use. Yet few people use their potential in any area. Take ethical development in the brain, for instance.

Or imagine fitness or movement as a way to raise intelligence. Ever set out to pass your personal best in a day to see how your brain stretches to move you forward?

Everything Is Possible When You Try It

Amazingly, what’s true for bodily kinesthetic intelligence growth in this video is also true for multiple Intelligences rebirth in your day. Why so?

1. Chemical and electrical circuitry – equips your brain with every act you do today – to reshape physically and mentally to upgrade moods as well as optimize solutions for complex problems. What will you do differently today to build more dynamic success into your most challenging situation?

2. Plasticity – or the brain’s practice of regenerating and rewiring itself with each change you make to your day, also stagnates and atrophies when you fall into rigid routines. If interested in how brain reconfiguration improves your opportunities, you’d enjoy Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain that Changes Itself.

3. Dendrite – brain cells connect and reconnect nightly as you sleep – all based on behaviors you practiced that day. Know what that means for the cynic, naysayer, or complainer in you?

4. Neurogenesis – or brain cell growth at every age, should motivate you to question myths and reboot brainpower to improve your situation.

5. Working memory – engages renewal, and leapfrogs you over tough times. Yet often sits mute and unused at stagnant workplaces. Watch for amazing solutions or inventions that come to people who unleash working memory. and then do what they do for one day.

Rewire brain cells, in these ways and you’ll head for success in most intelligences used.

Why not start small. Yesterday I took 21,900 steps according to my pedometer. Today I plan to add to that figure, and build a bit persistence for other intelligences at the same time. You?

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9 thoughts on “Move with More Intelligence

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  6. eweber Post author

    Yes, I so agree Wally — and sadly the person who is measured has little say in the process or the results. I have seen huge injustices know people out of the race. At MITA we show evidence of smart skills in operation — so that both the leader and the employee see same results:-) You?

  7. eweber Post author

    Wally, it’s true as you suggest here, because unless we measure we cannot chart or observe growth. The problem is that measurements are rarely intelligent fair — so people balk and who can blame them? have you seen it?

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