Right Hook to the Brain

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Have trouble remembering what you learn? Link new facts to something you already know, and the brain weaves new content into old for higher achievement. Has it happened to you?

Human brains come equipped to latch onto new facts faster if they hook to what you already know and do. How could that mental reality improve your day? Expect new opportunities to open for you – yes, even in an economic downturn.

You’d likely agree that lasting change lies opposite blame games, because to hook your amazing talents often means to fix broken situations you encounter.

Ask the lecturer in this video and he will say he engages listeners.  He might even go on to suggest today’s audiences expect too much and give too little. Ask listeners and they may support these 100 reasons to run hard from lectures!

Have you considered lately how …

The key is to create a plan that links your talent into tools that rejuvenate your trouble spots.  Luckily this hookup works magic – because brains grow and reboot multiple intelligences with use. In contrast, brainpower shrinks with blame, venting and stress, so it seems the logical choice for tackling problems. How does it work?

Identify hooks from what you already know to hang new facts or insights, and you’ve already taken the first step to improve your situation today. How so?

Look for visible links between what you know and what you hope to learn, in books or articles on any topic. Then jot applications of topics you read – one at a time – to fix something broken in your day. As you scan new facts – simply apply one that resonates, to repair one broken reality, and your acumen grows for both. Benefits for others?

Ask 2-footed questions to stir specific ideas from what others know, before you tell them new facts. That way real issues come to the table and new information turns into tools that solve problems along the way. Change comes when new facts transform old realities into lasting solutions. That’s also how human brains optimize genius innovations, through ordinary hooks. Have you seen it happen?

Recently I  asked top leaders that I brain based certified: If everybody you’ll lead today was a genius what specifically would you do to ensure their motivation and achievement? Then that’s what to do today, I suggested. Can you see why great leaders expect to develop genius qualities in themselves and others? You?

Think of it as a sturdy hat rack in your brain. Each time a new fact is tossed, ensure that hooks catch a few.  Now watch these new facts transform into tools at your fingertips – solutions that reconfigure broken parts of your day.

The question that guides solution-bound mental processes? How does this information hook to what you already understand about the topic, and what will improve if you apply new insights to what you’ll do today? Oh, by the way – when you match your talent to transform your troubles, please do stop by and share the hook that clinched success.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset