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Watch any round-table, workplace or learning setting jettison forward with people held in esteem, and you’ll see a fast track back to innovation, after systems break or stagnate. Yet we often see technology glitch in ways to shift people to outer edges of learning situations, rather than at the center.  Or we support stellar programs, with all their offerings and carefully crafted content, yet disregard the capabilities people bring into their midst.  What would it take to move people back into center spots and sustain that placement, in every learning or leading situation?  

Here are ten settings that start and end with people in mind, and that build success based on human centrality with collective brainpower.  Places where minds engage in dynamic learning, and where ongoing improvements mark new neuron pathways for all participants.

No wonder people -centered places meet wider success from larger numbers.

Online emphasis of people at the center, shifts leaders from seeking traffic for money or fame, into inspiring people for meaningful interactions.

Workshops that focus on people first, warmly welcome guests, and create frequent opportunities for engagement where teachers learn, and learners also teach at times.

Controversial topics with people at center of discussions, use tone skills to value differences so  that all participants speak and feel heard on opposite angles.

Laughter with people in mind, diminishes none, and ensures the humor remains genuinely funny across cultures, genders, ages, and beliefs.

Leadership where people come first, draws from multiple intelligences within the group for unique approaches to quality together.

Debates that esteem people, and resolve controversies – engaging genuine differences and raise solid facts that support change.

Universities and secondary schools where learners remain center stage, find faculty act as guide to the side, not sage on the stage.

Projects that value their creators and builders, identify expectations, and reward competency to meet concrete targets.

Profitability that holds people at its center, is fair to all concerned, is transparent in its growth and shows integrity in all ROI.

Advancement, where people come first, seeks feedback, rewards contributions, and alters direction based on collaborative wisdom of all involved.

It takes brain based strategies and engagement tactics to place people at the center of any endeavor. It’s the opposite of greed at the top, intimidation, from managers, or deception among peers. People at the center – means just what it infers – that people come first, and that all events come with mutual dividends in mind for those on center stage –  people. What would it take to re-create people-centered brainpower where you work?

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  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks Patrick – it will be a great intersection – between our worlds. So much to share – even more to learn. Now that is the kind of adventure that keeps me in the race again and again.

  6. eweber Post author

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by Patrick! So glad you did – because our sites have a great deal in common – while also sporting delightful differences. I blog rolled Very Evolved – great site! I look forward to learning much from and with you!

    Patrick, when the research steps out in language that converts to tools for living, neuro discoveries take on wonderful new life to support growth and improvement. Like you I find it fun and challenging, to stand in the middle of research and practice in ways that both inform and support the other.

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