Expect Outrageous Agility with Age

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Some people fully expect to fizzle out when they retire and many do just that. Others expect to burn strong, and with research on their side, they seem to hit their finest stride in senior years. What do you expect? Will you fizzle out or burn strong, like Art Zugnoni, an amazing 90 year old friend of Conrad Hake at Leveraged Intelligence.

Here are 10 sizzling brain boosters crafted for people like Art, who expect and live outrageous agility with age. The suggestions are simply triggers –  intended to help your develop and use multiple intelligences too keep your brain alive and well.  

1. Question possibilities that will lead your day in a new direction. For instance, ask yourself how to increase mental activity, and you’ll soon want to look into dynamic new research that suggests how it can be done. Neurogenesis will show you how brain cells can be coaxed into regenerating or growing with use, and yet only  curious seniors will benefit from that fact.

2. Target a new project that draws on what you what you like to do most and then ask a friend to do it with you this week.

3. Expect quality  with family, finances and friends. Then take the first step to make a new adventure happen.

4. Move each of your multiple intelligences into action weekly. Do these ten tasks and you’ll have drawn on all eight intelligences.

5. Reflect daily with the question, Where to from here? Ask yourself how you can improve on one specific aspect of your day, and then plan a new project to improve on the following day. Be specific for best results.

6. Laugh rather than vent, and especially laugh at yourself. Get others laughing too, because laughter opens the brain to new learning and can raise your immune system. Stress that comes from venting literally shrinks the brain, and creates new neuron pathways for more venting.

7. Play with new ideas, new hobbies, new challenges, and in ways that inspire others to do the same.

8. Change one normal routine into a fresh start with a new approach. For instance, drive along a new route to a familiar place. Read the newspaper from back to front. Invite a person from another culture out for lunch, and learn as much as you can about that person’s experiences and background.

9. Register for a musical evening, or a class about music. Or perhaps you’d rather plan an evening of new sounds at home. The key is to listen to cadences you already enjoy, along with a few new tunes tossed into the mix.

10. Hike through a park,  visit a stream, stroll along a trail, or sit beside a brook – at least once a week. Ask yourself a question about what you can expect to go well in your day. Ask what new challenge and adventure could shape the day, and what response you could make to have it go in your favor?

Most importantly, enjoy each day as if it held your most vital legacy, because it very well could. Unexpected melodies come far faster to those who expect more from an otherwise ordinary day. Furthermore, those who  expect, will be more apt to go after that next winning adventure with zest. It’s how the brain works when fueled with expectation. Have you seen it happen?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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13 thoughts on “Expect Outrageous Agility with Age

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  10. eweber Post author

    Wally you are hilarious and your family is sooooo rich – no wonder you are too! Checking out a tree house at 111 – this is the MAN! I am inspired! Love it!

  11. Wally Bock

    The only nit I would pick in this amazing post is that I would prefer the words “walk” or “stroll” to the word “hike.”

    I believe that too many people see decline with age as inevitable. I strive to emulate great uncle Charlie who died at 111 when he fell out of a tree and broke his neck. Because I know you’ll ask, he was up in the tree checking out a treehouse.

    I love the attitude of my father-in-law who revels in the fact that it’s getting easier to shoot his age or less on the golf course the older he gets.

    Wally Bocks last blog post..Death of a heritage

  12. eweber Post author

    Enjoy the Superbowl with this fine friend, Conrad. It was the perfect story to make the point! Thanks also for your kind words. This is a VERY busy week here the Center – but I am very partial for the “aging brain!” There is so much more and folks like ART prove it! Great stuff!

  13. Conrad

    Awww. Ellen. I thank you for me and for Art. I’m going to show this to him over at his house when we gather for the Superbowl.

    You know, what is really cool is that your observations fit him and his approach to life perfectly. It’s kind of a real-life confirmation of just how accurate your observations and suggestions are.

    Conrads last blog post..Superbowl With a Wizard

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