Welcome to Brain Leaders and Learners!

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As a lifetime student of the brain, I’ve barely scratched the surface of compelling new questions that empower learning and leading. Questions that harness more brainpower and add success to an ordinary day.

Look at newly available brain imaging, for instance, and you’ll spot daily opportunities that spill over into learning and leading advantages never before seen. It’s more a matter of converting details now known about the brain, than about researching more and more brain facts. How so?

Brain insights transformed into doable tactics, add competitive edges to what you already do.

For example:

1. Did you know it’s possible to improve on your natural brain chemicals?

2. Do your multiple intelligences create better solutions to daily problems?

3. Are you benefiting from recent research about a good night’s sleep?

4. Do you run from stress that shrinks the brain and shuts down learning?

5. Can you see why lectures and talks work against  listeners’ brains?

6. Gain any strong advantages from revolutionary facts about aging brains?

7. Do you understand why some embrace change and others flee from it?

8. Have you prospered by race relationships that offer mutual benefits?

9. Can you discuss stark differences between men and women’s brains?

10. Do you gain mental rewards from working across cultures?

Why suffer from passivity, confusion, sloppiness, waste or stagnation, when you can convert brain facts into tactics that build neuron pathways past speedbumps that hold you back.

This blog offers practical suggestions from revotionary brain discoveries. We’ll release neuro research from prisons of unfamiliar lingo and help you to apply doable benefits from scientific insights.

Interested in becoming that person you’d like others to see in you? Want to roll daily practices into leadership opportunities with mind-bending benefits? If so, do jump in and share your own experiences as we transfer neuro and cognitive sciences into rich rewards we can live.

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  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks Robyn, it will be a wonderful adventure and once folks find us the BRAIN LEADERS AND LEARNERS community will be complete:-)