New YouTube EDU or Brain Based Chats?

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Sat through meetings lately where one person only talks? If so, you’ll be interested to know why your brain bristles, spits and stalls.

While many still lecture and demand rote responses in paper-pencil-tests, faculty who know research on retention, tend to facilitate brainpower from wider circles for broader solutions. Have you seen it?

Brain based chats are bit like Roosevelt’s fireside chats – piped into homes during the 1930s from public radios, only they’re different. They add  interactive opportunities from diverse backgrounds. In either case, the purpose is to engage insights, across differences, but brain based approaches stoke mental action as key part of learning process.

Brain based chats rely on exchanges and applications, as evidence that learning takes place. How so?

An interesting new site YouTube EDU just launched to extend lectures into YouTube videos that cover many university and secondary school topics. An improvement over typically boring lectures? Certainly this site beats some lectures I’ve languished through lately.

Still, I’m wondering how faculty and leaders will facilitate learners more than through talk or YouTube encounters, so that the sage on the stage becomes more a guide to the side. Did you know for instance, that a brain is hardwired to biologically reshape through active encounters in learning? Or are you aware that brains come equipped with multiple intelligences as learning tools to investigate new ideas and apply facts?

Perhaps it’s too early to see how YOUTube EDU will shatter the myths that hold back secondary and university learning. What do you think?

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