10 Tone Tips to Live Like Einstein

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Tone takes you deeper into any topic because it allows the other sides to emerge without persecuting people who express differences. Tone’s also the honesty you speak about hot spots, and the calm respect you show to those who disagree. But can good tone come in tough times? Or can it define those who excite easily?

Surprisingly, tone skills ride the winds of great ideas with you, until those insights mature and transform into practices that win. It’s true that you rarely see tone skills at the core of pushy opinions, yet it’s also true that you catch them in the humility of listening and learning from others.

Tone impacts your day like waves impact sand under their rolls. In fact it often determines both your productivity and impacts your purpose for living. With every abuse of tone, a robust discussion is truncated and insights with opportunities go missing.

Here are 10 ways tone helps you to live curiosity and wonder as Einstein did:

1. Recognize poor tone in tough times. Tone’s rarely a problem when people give what you hope to get. Unfortunately, tone changes colors though, when luck fades, people fail you, or when what you possess falls far short of what’s required. You win back tone by taming your amygdala, so that your actions show how you’re stepping in the direction of solutions – even one small move at a time.

2. Hold back responses when stressed until tone’s fit for royalty, then tackle any topic honestly and with confidence.  Serotonin, the chemical hormone for well being is emitted through respectful tone. Dangerous levels of cortisol come with poor tone.  The choice for good or bad tone is yours though, and is far less dependent on stressful events than on learned mental skills.

3. Expect confidence that grows when tone skills resolve difficult situations. Some people see tone as shrinking away from conflicts. It’s not. When confronted with uncomfortable situations, others speak in meta-messages, telling you the opposite of what they think. Tone allows you to speak truth, and express deep beliefs, while showing an openness to learn from those who differ.

4. Human brains come equipped to default back to ruts, such as exploding when confronted. Tone skills allow you to act calmly under pressure – so that you still have a life with others when resolutions finally come to end disagreements.

5. Run from naysayers, but shape tone on solutionsCynics rarely feel the need for using tone skills, while others around them often wish they did. Your own tone equips you to survive a cynic’s vents, and to create improvements beyond its toxins.

6. Social medial calls for tone to build goodwill, and its networks can fuel your day with brainpower or truncate the very opposing views that add colors and textures to any topic. All because of tone tools online that open opportunities or online tones that push one size only solutions.

7. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and you’re already on your way to adventurous improvements. Test your tone skills in this survey to discover new dividends available to those who use brainpower tools. To know where you are now, is to create an air strip for a

8. Disagree with the brain in mind. Tone is one of your best disagreement brainpower tools. It helps you to avoid clashes in the first place, or at least to build goodwill across differences rather than take potshots at people with opposing views.

9. Perfectionism tends to create poor tone, since it leaves people feeling they cannot win. Whenever your hard hitting efforts feel like they fall short of your own or others perfect expectations tone also takes the hit. Check out the research on perfectionism‘s tendency to drain brainpower, and you’ll see why perfectionists tend to lose control in response. It doesn’t have to be that way.

10. Humor is no automatic antidote to poor tone. Why not? You’ve likely noticed how people who laugh at themselves, also help others to relax and laugh too.  Well it’s no accident because endorphins from humor toss tone into the ring in ways that add “extra” to your otherwise ordinary day. have you seen it?  Laugh at others though, and watch poor tone rush up as a weapon for warfare or a shield in defense for the loss. Have you ever connected the benefits from laughter that adds tone to exillir effects that successful people emulate?

Einstein’s tone prompted him to claim he was no smarter than others, and then equipped him to stay with life-changing solutions until they altered his own life too. Researchers added that this genius’ persistence overrode mental ruts and optimized opportunities for innovative solutions. Where will your tone lead you in the coming week?

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13 thoughts on “10 Tone Tips to Live Like Einstein

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  8. Mohib

    Gawd! Who wants to live like Einstein… Teach us the way to learn to live like a Rockstar lol. I’m just kidding here…

    Excellent post. This has really got me thinking about how this teetotaler managed to reformulate Galileo’s relativity to deal with the bizarre things that happen at near-light speed, where time slows down and space gets compressed….

    Did you know Friedrich Hasenöhrl, an Austrian physicist, published the basic equation E = mc2 a year before Einstein did but he just failed to connect the equation with the principle of relativity. . .

    Really love this blog Ellen. Keep up the good work!

    Mohibs last blog post..Brain Leaders and Learners- Practical Tactics from Neuro Discoveries with Dr. Ellen Weber

  9. Jeanne Dininni


    Thanks for these 10 helpful tips. Your point that “The choice for good or bad tone is (ours)…and is far less dependent on stressful events than on learned mental skills” is so important for us to remember. So often we believe we have little choice but to become slaves to our circumstances, but that simply isn’t true. It’s more the way we perceive and process those circumstances than the circumstances themselves that exerts such a profound effect on our behavior and our sense of well-being.

    Thanks for those words of wisdom!

  10. eweber Post author

    Gina and Karen, thanks for your kind and encouraging words. It appears to me that many organizations would do these approaches if they had skilled facilitators to make it happen in a way that people’s voices were heard and valued. It can be done and it’s a win/win whenever it happens.

    Productivity, innovation and morale do soar, yet it takes a person with a vision to launch the process:-) It’s sure fun to be part of too:-) Have you found that?

  11. Karen Swim

    Ellen, what a fascinating and timely discussion. If corporations broadened their collective thinking to train brain skills, it could revolutionize the workplace. The prized skill of innovation would flourish in an environment that was truly open to discovering solutions and I imagine productivity and morale would soar.

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