Hope as lived experience – Roundtable 45

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What would it take to sustain hope as a go-to center in your brain?

When hope yields to daily mandated routines, our brains slip into dangerous ruts!

Do your routines rob our hope? What about mandated routines? Looking for tips to reboot magical hope for a new season?

I like to start with the two-footed questionWhat awakens hope in you in spite of difficulties and how do others benefit? 

Here are tips I use to keep hope alive and foster a possibility mindset, in spite of mandated routines:

  1. Unleash hidden and unused intelligences. Reach mandates in different ways simply by drawing on people’s strengths to change up routines and alter approaches to that mandate. Start by simply sating your goal with clarity,  and then ask for practical suggestions to reach it in different ways.
  2. Invite brainy insights with hopeful words. Ask, How are you smart? rather than settle for the fixed mindset question, How smart are you?  This new question draws strengths from more people and tosses a fluid mix of abilities into your circle. Then brainstorm for innovative ways to use more strengths from any group to reach improved outcomes.
  3. Ask and act like a genius. Ask, If you were a genius, how would you do this differently? Then risk doing one thing in a new way. Start by overcoming one barrier caused by boredom, and you are already headed into genius territory.
  4. Shift it up! Invite new ideas for frequent mental reboots – to move from rigid routines to innovative adventures. Be silly! Have fun! Expect to generate suggestions that change up habits, routines and ruts, so that more participants will benefit from excellent outcomes!
  5. Play to side-step boredom. Laugh at yourself. Invite new ideas for fun ways to get it done. Risk a finer outcome by gathering frequent feedback from all concerned, about how to keep adventure alive at the center of what you will do next.

Rather than settle for brain killer mandates – What will you do today to surpass your mandated routines and hope with more brain in mind?

Here are 256 two-footed more questions on 64 topics, with charts to track your choices to move mandated ruts and routines into brainier possibilities.

Above are multiple intelligence tasks to ignite hope.

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