Overcome DNA – Roundtable 36

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The future of mental health longevity is already here! Our DNA can be improved upon by a potent protein called Kinase A. Why does it matter?

How many people have told us that a day like mother’s day leaves them sad, lonely, or even hopeless? And for many of those who struggle, the most expensive gift in the world cannot make up for the lack of feeling loved, the gift of kindness absent yet craved or family exclusion experienced. For many women, depression increases on the day that was supposed to celebrate appreciation in stress-free family fun.

Anxiety for some becomes overwhelming fear that toxic family cycles in past can block our love to family members going forward.

No wonder we value brainpower to rescue our broken DNA cells! Luckily, we now know that brains come equipped with kinase A protein, which allows each of us to change into healthier reset points. Mother’s Day events open fun doors to start again, rebuild trust, and relate with love to those around us. So what is kinase A protein that can overtake toxins that trigger conflict from within some family DNA patterns?

One of two gene functions can change your gene pool or DNA, if you act opposite to your natural tendency. Let’s say you support a mom or daughter in a way that frees them to enjoy their day more?

Each amazing cell in your body contains all your DNA, and that DNA can change with deliberate actions. Strong opinions can become open-mindedness by more listening for example. How so?

Genes make a new protein (Kinase A) when turned on or expressed. This “turning on” may change DNA conflict tendencies into care proclivities, through our actions. Perhaps we can babysit, provide a meal or offer some unconditional support that adds genuine delight to a mom in our family. Give without expectation of reciprocation and we literally alter the structure and function of the DNA cells that led to problems or conflicts in past. See toxic cycles broken as we simply love through actions?

Simply stated – our genuinely care-packed acts, chosen to support love, and given to another today could literally build new DNA to help us become the person we’d like another to enjoy in us.  In other words, “kinase A protein” equips our brain to replace toxic or broken past reactions, by literally altering our DNA. All as we act compassionately one offering at a time.

How could our kinase A protein improve Mother’s Day between ourselves and those we cherish? We may not get it right on the first try, but knowing how our brains improve our chances of adding fun to any circle, makes care and delight today worth another shot.

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YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following!

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