Sleep as friend or foe – Roundtable 16

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Is sleep your friend or foe?

How’d you sleep last night? Reasons for sleeplessness may differ yet strategies for successful sleep often bear remarkable similarities. Before you hire a sleep specialist though, why not try tactics that calm the brain and come without side effects of medicine.

You’ll likely sleep better and enhance REM if you:

1.     Remain upbeat and use sleepless spaces to relax and listen to classical music which slows racing brainwaves.

2.     Retire about the same time nightly when possible.

3.     Create a comfortable setting to sleep, without distractions such as TV or computers.

4.     Set aside problems from work or relationships and list solution possibilities long before sleeping – with a more relaxed mind.

5.     Stop eating heavy foods several hours before lights go out for the night.

6.     Avoid stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol before bed.

7.     Exercise earlier in the day, then avoid rigorous work outs near bedtime.

8.     Lower blinds and draw curtains to maintain darkness in sleep area. Dark areas increase your melatonin levels, the brain chemical that causes and sustains sleep.

Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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