Beauty and the Brain

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name.gifWould you agree that you came into this world with a sort of neurology of beauty?

If so, how will your unique gene pool, and its beauty – further shape your day?

Here are a few ways I see beauty and the brain for my day:

Look for multiple intelligences that link to beauty in others, and then affirm any intelligence that stands out above the rest.

Transform one difficult or broken part of your day by planning for a beauty brainpower boom.

Each time we act on beauty – we build new neuron pathways for more of the same. Nightly the brain rewires it’s plasticity for even more of each beautiful move you’ll make today. It’s all  core part of  intrapersonal intelligence, and expands daily for any who draw on its splendor.

How will the possibility of a brain hardwired for beauty change your day?

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6 thoughts on “Beauty and the Brain

  1. eweber Post author

    Love your sense of humor Ramana, and we’re always richer when you weigh in! Now that is both brains and beauty!

    While beauty will differ for each -it’s also true that we’ll create new neuron pathways for the very beauty that we do! That’s also why we’ll always differ — and that too only adds to both the brain and the beauty. Wow — what a cool thought you stirred here! Thanks!

  2. rummuser

    Both words are always used in subjective ways when applied to people.

    It is like the famous story of GBS. “George Bernard Shaw was once approached by a seductive young actress who cooed him in his ear:- ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we got married and had a child with my beauty and your brains?’ George Bernard Shaw who was hardly a handsome man replied: ‘My dear, that would be wonderful indeed, but what if our child had my beauty and your brains?’ The actress who did not need much persuasion just sped off.

    Some of our good friends used to call my late wife and me as the Beauty and the Beast.

    rummusers last blog post..Colour Bias.

  3. eweber Post author

    Mike you always go deeper and ask better:-) No wonder you arrive at so many adventures!

    The interesting part of the brain is that if you chase ugly insights, draw it, speak it, act it — you hardwire against beauty in that you fuel for ugly. The opposite is also true. So yes – eventually it seems hardwired and set and it”s called Hebbian learning as you stay in ruts you defaiult back to without challenge.

    Scary and yet so true as the brain rewires daily based on choices you or I make and act on:-)

    Does that make sense?

  4. michael cardus

    Beauty. is the brain harwired?
    I wonder if this is so. If it is harwired than our conept of beauty is set and developed somewhere like Plato perfect forms and all we se are imperfect forms.

    I feel that beauty is constructed from our experiences.
    My fiancee is beautiful, although much of her beauty comes from my interactions and experiences with her.
    Intiailly I thought she was pretty and attractive although the beauty has came through a connection that we share.

    This falls into a necessitation of a experiential closeness that over time beauty can transform as we mature and age.

    What I found beautiful at age 6 is not what I find in beauty at 32.

    I am not sure?

    michael carduss last blog post..Under Pressure: Develop leadership and team skills to work with pressure

  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Marianna, you build a good case for the fact that we create a framework to look at our worlds. Too many time I forget the splendor all around me — especially when I get too busy or if pressures mount. It’s fun to remember and simply refresh that framework at times to take another look. Would you agree?

  6. Marianna

    This is interesting that you have this post up now.

    Earlier today, I was thinking about our perceptions of what constitutes beauty. Particularly in relation to the body.

    It’s an interesting phenomenon how we can quickly make our minds up by what we see. Learning to “see” with all our senses opens our world up to greater beauty.

    Wonderful suggestion on how to beautify our lives!

    Mariannas last blog post..Quietening the "Upstairs" Voices

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