Your Brain on Music and Movement

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Does the thought of running, hiking or twisting to aerobics motivate you?

People high in bodily kinesthetic intelligence tend to shake n’ rattle daily, yet there’s no need to slip into coach potato style if you’re less athletic.

What musical ditty would get you up and going today?

What if you heard that music makes it far easier to workout, and inspires you to run past physical challenges? Research show that music does just that, and you also remember more as well as produce more.

Dr Mark Andrews, at Lake Erie College, found that rhythm and cadence increased physical performance by more than 20% in many unmotivated fitness folks. Why so? It seems that music increased

both physical performance and added a level of alertness, as well as improves memory.  Not surprisingly, some musical genres even improved moods along the way.

The key is to match your music with your movements for best effects.

What music and/or movement could improve your personal and professional targets today?

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6 thoughts on “Your Brain on Music and Movement

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Gary! You’d fit right in at the MITA Brain Based Center – we often use that tune to open a brain based certification session:-) It rocks!

  2. eweber Post author

    Celene Dion can get the movement going, I agree Robyn! I like sat Night Fever a bit less, and it reminds me the human brains jog to different sounds!

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