Content in a storm – Roundtable 3

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When was your last memory of sheer fun experienced in a way that upgraded life, and fit that place where flaws and failures meet love’s most compassionate support? Is your mental warehouse stockpiled for today’s inevitable storms?

If these questions find you curious for newly discovered mental and spiritual tools that boost a lived experience of unconditional support, do break bread with us to reboot brains and awaken serotonin.

Imagine a week that finds you deeply content in spite of challenges
Do you know how to awaken drugs in your brain?

Looking for further tasks to boost adrenaline and add deep satisfaction to your day? Or are you interested in helping youth to find life’s sweet spot to fit their day? If so see further tasks below to add contentment by awakening natural drugs in human brains.

See SERO namungo’s role above

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

Looking for practical tools to move your circle beyond passivity or negative energy?

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