Reversing racism- Roundtable 2

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What would it look like to lead benefits for all on the other side of racism, greed, bullying, or petty power grabs? Imagine if we refocused attention to resolving parts of history that thrust us into circles of blame, and bad behavior. See how our brain relentlessly stores in our basal ganglia habits such as judging one another.

Our brains come equipped to either help or hinder solutions here, depending how we access mental tools we each possess. We are helped when we deliberately seek, propose and apply solutions to bully-like problems such as white supremacy. Facilitate solutions that offer benefits to all concerned, and we pave a pathway toward reversal of dangerous circles that destroy democratic interactions we value with those around us.

Our brains work against us here though, if we default to basal ganglia bad habits, as illustrated in brain tips discussed at roundtable 2 in this project.

What lies in our brain’s basal ganglia to foster solutions?

Let’s say we see a “fixed mindset” as a dial set to bully. Then we’ll simply default back to bully behaviors and double down on these. We’re stuck looking more at all we are not, and we fail to see and enjoy all that we are.

In contrast, if we choose a “growth mindset” we’ll begin to look for peace building tactics that bring benefits to all who are concerned. Luckily each time we act opposite of bullying, we help to rebuild our basal ganglia tools going forward.

We act toward fixed or growth mindset to solidify either

Let’s say we choose to rebuild a circle or exchange so that bullying had no place in our communications. It’s not enough to stop bullying, because brains are changed by action in the opposite direction. Because we activate the brain’s plasticity whenever we act with care for instance, we will elicit chemicals for compassion and kindness. In the same way, we replace chemicals for conflict and cruelty.

See examples below.

Have you ever wondered why it is more difficult for some to disagree without bullying? This roundtable is designed to explore what it takes to share views on all sides and settle for a path forward that avoids bullying.

Together we consider brain facts that work in our favor, and we come up with a practical strategy to tackle one difficulty we identify and track our outcome. Exhilarating results when we factor in mental tools to help build a path forward.

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