Choices for More or Less Brainpower

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Top choices are rarely what you receive, sometimes what you least expect, and often what your brain uses to create neuron pathways to great success. How so? 

Rarely do you find great choices from health care options, for instance, that mail that arrives fully poised to line drug company pockets and empty yours. Yet what about those amazing choices many find daily for mentally fitness. Mental fitness choices created the groundwork for my own personal plan that puts care back into health – even when drug leaders exchange care it for personal gain.

Sometimes it appears that only one way exists, and it’s not the way you’re walking or know how to navigate. Have you experienced this? If so, why not spend one day this week on the alert for an unexpected window or door that fits your strengths and would improve your situation. Look for choices that spark growth, and then plan to change directions as soon as you find one that fits. Unexpected choices increased for me after I chose to tap mental tools that easily lie dormant in most brains, and were hidden in mine.

Choose your best target, and your brain leaps into action, adds multiple intelligences, and creates neuron pathways, that lead you to peaks. There’s even more! The human brain equips itself for further great choices – each time you choose well and then follow a chosen path up to new mountain peaks. Worth the mental hike for new peaks?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

2 thoughts on “Choices for More or Less Brainpower

  1. eweber Post author

    You build a good case for balance, Mike, and also for the natural equipment that already exists in brains and rarely needs external drugs when kept in fit shape, There are exceptions and yet we are learning more and more about the wonder of natural chemicals such as dopamine that surge through brains with benefits! What do you think?

  2. michael cardus

    With the drug companies spending millions on how to market to our brains. As well as how to penetrate our brain s firewalls to cause us to desire these happy and deliverable fallacy of wellness.
    This is when the brain strength of developing neuron pathways for choice are needed. Do I need that pill for happiness, or can the existing pathways developed overpower the marketing by these drug companies.
    It becomes more and more challenging with this double edged sword of brain based marketing.
    As we learn more about the brain, so do the marketers.
    “Use the force Luke, the darkside is strong”

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