Igniting Innovative Leadership Within

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More of us run from leaders lately, who stomp out innovative improvements or bully those who seek change. Innovative thinkers though tend to run more on their leader within. For the latter, it’s merely a matter of applying new neuro discoveries, and learning to manage risks that generate and launch original ideas. See leadership opportunities in your circle? 

Whether we create new online programs to engage digital communities, or design a heated car seat, talented leaders are laying the groundwork for a far finer future. They’re stepping up daily to lead innovation with the brain in mind

No longer do intelligent bystanders accept excuses that a few people only possess talent to lead, or that an organization’s bottom line is bound to plummet without tight controls from its top

It’s time for change! Tower Watson’s 2010 Global Workforce surveyed 22,000 full-time workers in 22 global settings who reported extremely low staff confidence in their leaders.

Yet how do creative people rise up to lead skills for a new era? Improved leadership will take problem solvers from filmmakers to scientists to artists to finance gurus to university heads to technicians to medical experts to philosophers. And in the most progressive organizations we see benefits for all when innovation leads. 

Dan Pink, author of bestselling book, A Whole New Mind, told me in a recent conversation about new era leaders who foster innovative initiatives: Do whatever you can to provide employees with more autonomy over their time, their team, their task and their technique, Pink cautioned. The pathway to engagement — and therefore innovation — isn’t more control. It allows people room for greater self-direction. If we agree with visionary leaders like Dan Pink, we’ll also enjoy the new line of approach – brain-powered leadership – where talented humans master management skills within and facilitate others to do the same. How so?

Six namungos below are fictitious characters with real brain parts that illustrate innovative lead tools we each possess.

How do the namungos help us lead innovation?

It’s one thing to run from leaders who bully or brag about stomping out change. It’s another to lead innovation from within. When we apply a few new neuro discoveries we begin to risk improvements and lead original ideas. See leadership opportunities that namungos can help you lead today? 

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