Assessments Can Stunt Growth

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The most important part of learning is not to be successful but to learn how to get up, go on, and grow again when we are not successful. Assessments can work for or against a learner’s chances to grow and find genuine success. How so?

Show enthusiasm by naming and celebrating even one thing a person does well, and you’ve already added serotonin to prep brains to grow! Name only areas a person must change and you send cortisol into their efforts so that brains shut down. This is why Mita brain based assessments start by naming what went well first, and then takes five distinctive approaches to support growth for the person assessed.

Consider a newly developed evaluation form below – designed to assess teachers in a brain-friendly manner after observing their lessons. Yes, the assessment starts with teachers here, and listens to their reflections and examples of what parts went well and what parts to adjust going forward.

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