Brain Based Leadership beyond Trudeau, Wilson, Raybould Referendum

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What if brain based leadership offered tools to restore Canada’s future prosperity? When dangerous cortisol chemicals seep into our communications, suddenly good alternatives disappear because our brains become part of killer cortisol surges. Thanks to new neural research, we see cortisol’s toxic stress chemicals as civil-war triggers.  Luckily our brains come equipped with another chemical better suited to help us lead with reconciliation alternatives.

To optimize the brain’s ability to heal and move us forward necessitates a seismic shift in our mental status, and a few practical tactics that redirect our exchanges. How so?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement that he removed Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal caucus can only prosper our country if we can somehow convert past toxic chemicals that surfaced into aha fuels of serotonin going forward. Just like gas at the pumps refuels our vehicles, serotonin reboots brains into a better direction forward for all.

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott’s talented leadership can also work for themselves and the country, if they somehow resume gifted leadership in a setting where they can trust again, be trusted by peers and contribute to diverse fellow leaders who do the same. The good news here is that any serotonin-driven brain can help and support a robust reconciliation with evidence that all those concerned will begin to benefit again.

In most conflicts both sides fall short because serotonin communications grind us all to a halt, or cortisol cranks win, and the rest of us shut down. No need to stay there though! If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks serotonin opportunities at the next caucus meeting on Parliament Hill, or if former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould and ex-cabinet minister Jane Philpott speak healing to the press, we step into reconfigured leadership roles. We begin to encounter new choices that rebuild the kind of leadership talents we all crave to move our country forward beyond past conflicts and beyond bickering.

Here’s the skinny:

Blame ascribed to either Justin Trudeau or Jody Wilson-Raybould, or accusations leveled at the Liberal caucus will amount to toxins that stall us on all sides. We are where we are.  When cortisol communications rob healthier choices from the Liberal parliamentary caucus, the rest of us lose our hope for values we share in common and a higher vision that animates our diverse options going forward.

Let’s say the Liberal caucus at this moment in time is a microcosm of our country.  Let’s also assume that we all care about inclusion that moves us forward. Serotonin is therefore an essential elixir to reboot our dialogue and enable us to find finer understandings among different perspectives.  This wellbeing chemical will not default us back to old ways of communicating across isles of blame, but will kick-start our ability to move together in ways that build a better future. Both sides here can still win with more visible serotonin at the helm!

Liberal MPs can help here by more serotonin solutions proposed in caucus as well as more humane and robust support for both Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, so that they too can begin to rebuild their leadership in a place that prospers Canadians.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s choice of words, actions and future plans will do far better too under the rejuvenation of serotonin strengths.

Civil wars within parties that follow incredibly damaging communications sink all Canadians who care about our incredible country even more than they buy into any particular party. Mistakes were made on all sides. We have already witnessed the sad reality that trust was broken and that Wilson-Raybould, and Philpott were removed from Liberal caucus, and Wilson-Raybould was removed from her justice portfolio.  It’s time now for a serotonin reboot and a renewed vision for all, including all who were damaged by conflicts here!

Rather than increase cortisol by arguing over Wilson-Raybould’s or Trudeau’s interpretation of events, let’s shift to serotonin and redirect the Liberal Party to support Canadians who still value leaders like Trudeau, Wilson-Raybould and Philpott as proficient and talented leaders. They have all served and deserve to be served in ways that model our efforts at reconciliation with Indigenous Canadians. What could restore our confidence in Canadian leadership that supports opposing views in ways that find common grounds to build all that is possible for this great country?

Renewed confidence in our government will rarely mean we agree suddenly with all in any government caucus.  Nevertheless, a renewed confidence with a dose of serotonin, will refuel our steps forward together.  This amazing chemical, infused into words and actions that build up rather than tear down, will allow us to rebuild together in novel ways that move Canada ahead. Yes, without toxins that stall every our effort forward.

Serotonin equips us to move forward with one mind for the good of all, so that we can begin to rediscover confidence in our government. The brain’s wellbeing fuel can literally propel us beyond the damage that sank us from cortisol-driven damage, into a novel chance for success together. What anger or attacks cannot accomplish, serotonin solutions can offer new hope in spite of problems. Let’s prosper our country and model more brain based leadership to help rejuvenate our broken world.

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