Secondary Schools for Higher Achievement (1)

Post Katina secondary schools are springing up with many more choices for parents, and people vow they’ll never return to the central system of low achieving schools. The problem? Higher choice secondary school or university systems often fail to reach higher motivation and achievement.

Each time the cry comes for more money, or choice so that broken schools will improve, an equal cry should resound for genuine change and improvement.  Why so?

Money alone cannot offer higher motivation and achievement, but carefully planned curriculum and well qualified faculty can. Have you seen it happen? This next series of posts will offer specific  ideas about how to build renewed secondary schools with higher motivation and achievement for most, if not all students.

Hopefully your own great insights will add neuron pathways for dynamic solutions, as we lay out insights from more than 30 years teaching university and secondary schools, several books on this topic, extensive global travels to find answers, and the MITA model for the mind that has been proven at several universities to offer higher motivation and achievement.

The MITA brain based secondary school renewal series will look together at:

  • A vision for high achieving schools that accepts all students, and engages more brainpower that typical secondary schools waste through passive lectures and rote memory.
  • Parents’ views alive in secondary schools where entire school communities help build bonds that benefit all students, even those whose parents fail to attend.
  • MITA brain based teaching and assessment strategies have proven higher motivation and achievement for all or most students.
  • Faculty MITA brain based certification for rejuvenated learning that adds lasting success to university and secondary school classes.
  • Choices given to students about how they will use their intellectual strengths to develop and use more brainpower and solve problems beyond class.
  • Assessments that are more intelligence-fair, show genuine progress and that also act as learning tools.
  • Infrastructures reconfigure through data banks that sort and store top curriculum guides, created by faculty in certification sessions, and set for on-going change and renewal.

Ready for the challenge to walk through secondary school renewal for lasting success, that all communities can speak of with pride and hope? Let us know your own ideas for positive change as the journey begins!

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