The Wonder of Naturalistic Intelligence

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Have you ever wondered why some people appear more attracted to nature than others?  Or did you know that your brain comes with its own unique naturalistic intelligence?  Nature teaches people how to live life to the fullest, by providing lessons from an outside environment, to extend mental growth. You may relate patterns that show how frogs develop from eggs to tadpoles, for instance, to create solutions for life’s changing faces in other developmental areas.

Naturalistic, like other intelligences, tends to grow stronger as people enjoy nature, research weather patterns, relate to pets, hike along park trails, or enjoy the bubbling brook on a windy day.  Watch the stars, moon and galaxy for patterns and movement and you begin to stretch naturalistic acumen as astronomers do. Collect rocks, study shells, or identify insects, and you’ll grow dendrite connections for more of the same.

People strong in naturalistic intelligence will likely offer the best solutions to help others respond to global warming threats. Yet all brains are equipped to observe nature for lessons in successful living and in caring for their naturalistic surroundings.

Naturalistic often joins together with additional intelligences. In this video, for instance, music is used to create a background of appreciation. Hike in the woods to categorize trees and you take advantage of bodily kinesthetic intelligence, and so on.

What does this video communicate about nature’s perspective on:

  • stress
  • peace
  • relationships
  • care
  • freedom

Would you also agree that nature could have inspired Armstrong’s music here?  Or does it seem reasonable to you that nature adds value at times to mental relaxation and harmony that most people crave?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

3 thoughts on “The Wonder of Naturalistic Intelligence

  1. Autumn Downs

    I am also doing research on the topic of naturalistic intelligence. I took a quiz and this is the one of eight I scored highly in. I am looking for info to either reinforce or contradict something about myself in comparison to one with a lower score like interpersonal intelligence.

  2. sree


    I am very much interested in this topic related to the wonder of naturalisitic intelligence…i wish to conduct a research study connected with fostering of naturalisitic intelligence…so please kindly give your suggestions and opinions in this regard.

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