What’s Your Solution to this Crisis?

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What’s your best solution to a problem you see that makes life hard for you or others today? The opposite of cynicism is solution, and one step in the direction of an improvement is better than a lifetime of criticism. Do you agree? Life-changing solutions depend less on money, access, or even understanding reasons behind problems, and more on risking change to make a difference. Yes, even if others take credit for your offering.

Solutions I’m working on currently, each come from broken systems I see daily:

1. Humor lacking in toxic workplaces, or inappropriate  humor makes too few deserving people laugh Рso I planned a party where people connected to the MITA Center told stories to make others laugh. Some of us are still laughing at hilarious anecdotes that emerged. Do you cultivate humor that others enjoy?

2. Education broken appears to describe too many campuses, so I support a new secondary school in my city where learners remain at the core. My contribution includes MITA curriculum with the brain in mind, and is fueled by higher motivation and achievement for all students.

3. University lectures work against the human brain, so I engage higher education faculty and students in active tasks that engage more brainpower for finer outcomes. Did you know that to teach others as you learn triggers 90% retention, and to listen to lectures gives you 5% retention?

4. Seniors undervalued lack vibrant communities they deserve, so I teach the wonders of an aging brain. Tomorrow I will do a session with a community of professional seniors to engage their multiple intelligences and help create new dendrite brain cells for active living. How do you engage seniors?

5. Economy is broken, and while I lack understanding of the monetary jargon used, or corruption observed, I can make another honest dollar today, and help a few whose luck fails them. Not much for the size of the current problem, but it’s my 2-bits toward a national solution.

6. Media emphasizes fear tactics to sell stories, yet I’ll continue to show brain based horrors of fear, that shuts down solutions and prevents growth and well being. How would you reword one negative news item today, because of your own solutions applied?

7. Meetings kill brainpower of intelligent people when a few deliver monologues, so I plan to facilitate a leadership roundtable this week where all leaders speak and feel heard on newly discovered neuro practices for  improved outcomes at work.

Those 7 problems hold back dynamic growth and wonder that intelligent people crave. And so beside each problem lies my shot at becoming part of the solution.  Yet mind-bending change will transform learning and leading, only as you too plan and practice your best solutions. Any come to mind?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Solution to this Crisis?

  1. Jackie

    I love your quote: “The opposite of cynicism is solution, and one step in the direction of an improvement is better than a lifetime of criticism.” If only we could get those negative people to embrace it! I am faced with a small group of these people at work and everyday I remind myself that I can not give up. Every small step forward means a better education for the students!

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