Awaken Universities – with Learning at Center

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Some say it’s easier to move a graveyard than renew a university. Others say that science is shedding light on brainpower in ways that should reconfigure higher education’s vision and practice. It seems to me that one surefire way to rejuvenation any campus would be to return learning as higher education’s central mission. What do you say?  

If you agree that change comes from people who act out renewed beliefs – you’ll likely support university faculty renewal. Imagine higher education development that reconfigure faculty beliefs in ways that benefit more learners. Sadly, even advanced circles of study can stunt rather than spike learning, because of archaic approaches used to teach and assess. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When campus communities rewire their brain’s plasticity to ratchet up intelligences a notch, and take risks for more effective learning, top shelf theories gain momentum to inform mind-bending inventions.  Awakened universities energize entire communities.

Much is written on university renewal yet far less is done to renew learning approaches. What would it take to rebuild broken learning systems that you attend? Have you observed such innovation at your Alma Mater?

Awakened universities place learning at center through:

  • Top theories that trigger improved practices, with learners in mind.
  • Learners and builders who earn rewards for innovative  ideas that change lives.
  • Inclusion, rather than exclusion, that defines curriculum and campus life.
  • Faculty who act more as guide to the side than sage on stage.

As public purse strings tighten around renewal programs, learning increasingly finds itself on chopping blocks – fighting for survival. Current science experts remind us often that today’s research is tomorrow’s infrastructure. And who’d deny the wonder that flows from current adult stem cell progress that can self renew and repair tissue? It’s fashioning neuron pathways forward for people of every beliefs with its ethical approach to promoting life and renewal.

Yet, a reconfigured universities would foster life-changing innovation in every field . When learner talents take center stage – and renewed faculty mentor people’s progress, entire infrastructures reconfigure in response. What do you think?

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