Encouragement Changes Our Brain’s Chemistry

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Encouragement circles into serotonin celebrations and fuels the human brain for surprising outcomes.

I received a poignant reminder of serotonin’s circular Christmas magic from Sue Dungey.  A waitress at Brantford’s, Williams Fresh Cafe on Market St, Sue encourages many who stop by for a warm meal.  She did even more for me.

I’d just facilitated a leadership meeting, in Brantford, Ontario with leaders from the Re-wired Group. During that busy session, I couldn’t help but notice Sue’s magical overflow of encouragement to everybody who entered the busy café.

Out of sheer gratitude for Sue’s thoughtfulness during our meetings, I slipped a brief thanks to the restaurant’s manager. Never thought a thing of my two-bit note again – until Sue’s response came back! Wow!

Sue emailed back her gratitude to extend the magic.

Dear Ellen:  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to properly thank you for the very kind email you sent on my behalf.  It was an absolute pleasure having you in our cafe last month and I was delighted to be able to assist you and your colleagues.  I am not sure if you are aware but Williams Fresh Cafe is a chain of roughly 75 restaurants across Ontario with our home office also base in Brantford.

The CEO of Williams came to the store yesterday to meet me and thank me on behalf of the company.  I was quite taken aback and frankly a little shocked.

I also learned yesterday that your kind email was sent to every store in the chain to be posted on the employee boards, and that I was named employee of the month with what we call the golden apple award.  It is because of customers like you that I still enjoy my job.

Thank you so very much for remembering me and should you find yourself back in Brantford please feel free to email me and I will book our room for you in advance.

Merry Christmas Ellen and God bless

Sue Dungey

Sue’s note – in response to mine – proves how encouragement becomes a golden apple to all

My simple note circled back through Sue’s golden apple employee-of-the-month service. Then Sue extended the mental magic and serotonin fueled several lives.

What could we do this week to ensure encouragement changes our brain’s chemistry?

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