Diversify to Showcase Multiple Sides

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While in Jamaica to speak about  brain based renewal, I spotted diversity problems and possibilities alive and well from a car radio. En-route to the University of West Indies, radio guests discussed broken systems in general, and specifically Jamaican policies that got  implemented without discussion from citizens.

Opposition heated as amygdalas flared and alternative views surfaced. Talented facilitator and radio host, Beverly Manley, calmly appealed for diverse contributions, after one guest demanded faster government fixes without wasting time for people’s input. Discussion turned to bullying in what Jeffrey Sachs refers to  as influence abuse.

Have you noticed how diversity gives way to ego shuffles and toxic interactions when one voice dominates?

Diverse interactions prevailed here, because Beverly Manley guided thoughtful discourse on HOT102 Radio along both sides of sizzling issues that affect ordinary people.  Without diminishing her aggressive guest and without blocking deeper discussion from Jamaican people, I saw brilliant diversification in action. Have you interacted lately with leaders who break through dominance to engage democracy?

A brain based facilitator like Manley becomes both catalyst and guide, listener and speaker, inspirational lead and avid follower.

While few people possess spatial IQ skills to engage diverse voices on hot topics, gifted guides-to-the-side tend to spark our interest by engaging multiple views of issues. In contrast, rarely do sages-on-the-stage rally hidden and unused brainpower on the other side. Manley listened to every caller and began to patch together diverse views much like piecing together colorful squares on a treasured quilt.

The same brain that wires for wonder and sparks curiosity, can crash diversity like a jet under fire when scorn strikes. Do you settle for toxins and deepen ruts that diminish people or eliminate keen voices on the other side?

Without diversity …

1. Meetings become boring as few speak or feel heard.
2. Research lacks applications while defendants attack one side.
3. Language sports jargon yet rarely communicates.
4. Learning leaves behind voices and views on the other side.
5. Projects barricade brains that hold winning solutions.
6. Diversity gets lost along with alternative possibilities.
7. Business lacks ethical practices from shared perspectives.
8. Genders waste insights that complement male and female views.
9. Leadership grows arrogant as it protects its own interests.
10. Change gets lost in favor of narrow ruts and tired routines.

Could Manley’s facilitator tactics help us restore broken systems, and tip the scales toward transformational quilts visions? What would it take to develop brain based facilitators who engage more diversity for finer practices where you work?

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