Motivation – Wings for Achievement

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If motivation adds wings for achievement, and if performance drops to the ground when it’s cut off, what does your motivational airship look like today? Unless you know what motivation looks like, you’ll rarely ride its wonder, or fuse its mental energy into your day.

To cross  the interplay between motivation and results is to leap across huge caverns that create high performance minds – and like every successful flight, it takes a winning plan. Incentive, for me often comes from two-footed questions, that stoke curiosity into inventions, and tosses in serotonin to fuel well being.  You?

Today I’m chasing the stimulus: How can I achieve visible change and growth for the next MITA Brain Based Center conference as I use smart skill tools? No answer yet – but I am highly charged, delighted  in the heat of the race.

On other days, inspiration eludes me, much like an ice creams melt away under a noonday sun. Somehow, my brain’s basal ganglia defaults me back to ruts and I slog through the mire of routines without the driving force my work deserves.  Today though, I’ve stoked waves and electricity for brainpower I’ll need.

No naysayer could hold me back.

If you lack motivation – how do you find and engage it? Do you have tools that will leap you from drudgery to dare again, as this senior thrill seeker leaped from a plane for adventure? Mine tend to come from building new neuron pathways toward a dynamic adventure that moves my success and satisfaction along a finer trajectory.

Can others motivate you? Personally, if I waited for others to motivate me, I could miss life-changing opportunities if I fail to plan for a brainpower boom. To media or people around you there may be a hundred reasons to languish in gloom, yet there remains one reason to tap into power of the human brain to beat the wings of upper air as an eagle does – you deserve it!

Most would agree that motivation’s the opposite of boredom, and research shows boredom is more choice that circumstance. Einstein opened motivation through 10 keys to discoveries. I find amazing motivation when I question myths in ways that reboot brainpower. That process helps me back on track and I rekindle the vision I’m called to follow. You?

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8 thoughts on “Motivation – Wings for Achievement

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  3. eweber Post author

    Thanks Wally. Music works to jack up motivation in a dyamic way as it shifts brain waves and speeds up synapses! Exercise adds oxygen to the brain and that too adds that sharper synapse for well being, through more serotonin. That’s both a chemical and electrical fix — both rock!

  4. Wally Bock

    I have two ways to get back into an energized state, which, for me seems to be what “motivation” is for others. I rarely need to do this, but sometimes in the midst of a ghostwriting project or writing copy for a web site, I can feel the energy draining away.

    One way to re-energize is just to get up and walk. I go striding about the house, digital voice recorder in hand, gesturing and pumping out thoughts for the recorder to catch. After a few moments of that, I’m energized and productive again.

    The other trick is to plan some upbeat music. Off with the classical music that usually is the background. Instead anything Motown or Bela Fleck and the Flecktones or Widespread Panic will get me back in the mood to produce.

    Wally Bocks last blog post..Helping your people grow during the downturn

  5. eweber Post author

    Brilliant connection between motivation and vision! Tomorrow I plan to blog on how social media can raise or kill vision in a day:-) Thoughts?

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