Minds in Search of Truth

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Truth and leadership were still alive and well at our interactive newcomer Rotary meeting on Oct 10th,  at the U of A Faculty Club. So was democracy as person after person shared the meaning of truth in their lived experiences. It takes tons of planning and deliberate focus on shared leadership to bring many voices to critical issues, such as TRUTH in an equitable way. We did it together!

Our goal was simple.  Have fun, get to know others in new ways, examine truth through: our experiences; a few fun brain facts; gender differences to see if women and men share similar truths, and Rotary service opportunities.

We opened with the question: What makes Rotary a unique leadership group to lead TRUTH?

Anna Syrianou was inducted and warmly welcomed. We also welcomed prospective members Sam Lily, Jeanette Goertz, Karen Peddie, and Bob Stewart.

Thanks to Rotarians who brought each newcomer, and those who welcomed these prospective members. A BBQ will follow for this new group on Nov 2nd, thanks to Carin and Stephan’s generosity and hospitality. Congrats Jeanette for taking home $50 cash, and thanks Ken for deciding the winner in a fair manner.


We discussed unique ways to value Rotary’s treasured  traditional foundations, while venturing forward at the same time to consider shared strategies that will keep Rotary relevant for ourselves and for others in a new era.

We played a gender circle game to ask: What is truth and how does each gender lead it best? Not best compared to the opposite gender, but best truth practices within our own gender. Women listened to men; men listened to women. Most of us will give new attention to leading truth based on the wide range of wonders we heard from both genders!

Thanks to Patrick’s brains and persistence, along with Graham’s added wisdom, we caught a hilarious video on the evening’s topic at  – https://brainleadersandlearners.com/2008/10/13/men-use-logic-women-use-emotion/

Our guiding video question asked:  Do you see your gender in this comedian’s idea of brain facts for men and women?

Tables teamed to help us look at truth in Rotary’s focus of SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

We used talking sticks to ensure all Rotarians and guests found opportunities to speak up and feel heard!


Our topics included: Wellbeing, STEAM, End of life quality; Literacy skills; and, New membership for Rotary. Rotarians then pitched their service project proposals to the whole group. We closed by reciting our Rotarian 4-way-test with new appreciation, thanks to so many who shared.

Thanks Carin for the talent poured into awesome photos of our event and for our video that will follow! Thanks Donna for tracking participants and setting up terrific space that allowed us to move, meet new members, laugh and think together!

Thanks Patrick for hanging in for us when the technology went south! Thanks Vince for leading us and filling in gaps! Thanks Rotarians for your grace and service to each of those who came to interact with us and, thanks Rose Marie as well as Eric Solash for greeting folks and helping at the door. Where to from here? Let’s decide service projects  together as we collaboratively build on truths we started here!